Compensation Management Software

Transform your reward processes

Compensation management

Many organisations are dependent on multiple spreadsheets to manage salary and bonus reviews. Without a dedicated compensation management system to centralise and process pay data, you risk impacting every aspect of your business, including employee retention.

Our salary and bonus planning software, Compensate, will help you build a consistent, data-driven, efficient approach to compensation management, all via a responsive and user-friendly interface, accessible via every device.

Plus, we also provide a range of reward consultancy services and hosted sector-based job evaluation solutions.

The benefits of better compensation management software

Reward Management

Increase employee satisfaction and retention

Compensation Management

Improve cost control and transparency

Reward Management

Create standardised, more efficient reward processes

Enhance data security and ensure compliance with company policies

Compensation Management Software

Model consistent, effective reward management policies

Compensate enables you to manage salary and bonus reviews effectively, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy.

Reward Management
Create pay matrices

Create pay matrices based on performance rating, salary benchmarking, position in pay band, and more.

Salary Planning Software
Apply pay policies

Easily apply pay policies to individuals, but also by country, division, department, or grade.

Delegate recommendations

Effective workflow enables delegation to managers who can review, approve, and implement changes based on their role in the review.

Monitor and report

Harness Compensate’s built-in reporting tools, including impactful visualisations, dashboards, and filters.

Compensation Software Solutions

Empower your managers 

Too many businesses rely on multiple, complex documents for compensation management.

But with Compensate, you consign spreadsheets to the past. Our dedicated functionality enables organisations to conduct more efficient salary and bonus reviews through a single system. What’s more, it applies controls to pay reviews, speeding up the entire process. You can automatically generate letters to notify employees of changes to their rewards and compensation.

Our compensation software solution also improves data security for sensitive employee information. Organisation charting assists with the key process of data cleansing and enables managers to undertake pay reviews more easily.

Learn how to transform compensation management

People Management System

Improve data management

Compensate builds full analyses of manager recommendations, and it has the tools and filters to create stimulating visualisations and reports for senior managers and remuneration committees.

With its ability to model and analyse different approaches to pay and bonus reviews, our compensation management system will lead your organisation towards a more data-centric way of operating.

And with all data held in a centralised location, it’s easy to access previous years’ salaries and bonus reviews for comparisons, enhancing training, awareness, and documentation of processes.

Why partner with Zellis?

Industry leaders

We’re one of the only payroll and HR providers to offer reward consultancy, which underpins our compensation solutions.


We’re the only providers of a fully computerised version of the GLPC Job Evaluation scheme.

Proud NHS provider

We’re the only providers of a job evaluation system to NHS Wales and Northern Ireland plus a number of English Trusts.

Flexible solutions

You don’t need to use our other payroll and HR solutions to benefit from Compensate or our reward consultancy services.

Reward Management

Expert reward consultancy

In addition to Compensate, we have other well established software, expertise, and experience to provide your business with reward management, including consultancy on:

  • Pay structure design
  • Equal pay audits
  • Gender pay reporting
  • Equality impact assessments

Together, we can empower your managers, standardise your processes, and boost efficiency across the board.

Reward, remunerate, report, repeat

Compensate will help you effectively and efficiently manage salary and bonus reviews, and oversee every facet of employee remuneration.

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