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HR and payroll software for manufacturing businesses

The manufacturing sector faces many challenges: from an ageing workforce to emerging competitors and economic headwinds. The imperative to boost efficiency, build resilience, and develop more flexible marketing strategies has never been higher. Against the backdrop of this constantly changing environment, the need to support the workforce is crucial.

Zellis recognises the broad array of challenges facing the sector and has a range of solutions to support rapid recruitment and onboarding, talent management, and skill building for a more resilient organisation. We help you maintain compliance with increasingly complex payroll legislation and health and safety standards, as well as to develop new channels to market.

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Payroll for the manufacturing sector

Compromising on your payroll solution is a false economy. With ever-changing legislative requirements, the rise in operational costs, and disjointed legacy systems, the risk of errors and reputational damage increases.  

With Zellis’ award-winning payroll software, there’s no need for compromise. Our cloud payroll software is automated, accurate, and fully compliant with UK and Ireland regulations. It can be deployed as a standalone, best-in-class payroll solution, or as part of our integrated HCM solution Zellis HCM Cloud. We can also manage the whole payroll process for you with our leading managed payroll service.

HR for the manufacturing sector

Zellis HCM Cloud delivers market-leading solutions for payroll, HR, benefits, and recognition. It integrates with other business-critical applications, through pre-built connectors and robust APIs. This secure, seamless data sharing between systems enables workflow automation and advanced reporting and analytics.

The strong self-service component allows employees to update and maintain their own HR records, reducing the pressures on stretched HR teams. From requesting leave to managerial approval, the easy-to-use mobile app makes the whole leave management process painless.

Reporting and analytics

Our HCM software affords your business the agility to adapt quickly and flexibly to an unpredictable landscape, helping you to better understand trends in your workforce. Execute data-driven strategic decisions, confident that they’re supported by reliable insights from a single source of truth.

Zellis HCM Cloud delivers a host of pre-defined reports providing insight into business performance and the option to build bespoke reports for deeper understanding of the unique situation.

Addressing manufacturers’ key challenges


Build better recruitment strategies

Zellis HCM Cloud seamlessly links to leading application tracking systems including Talentsoft, Eploy, Talentlink, and Workday.

Zellis Background Checking manages the end-to-end background checking process with speed and precision, reducing the time taken to find, recruit, and onboard staff


Skills building and team development

The Zellis Attainments Module is tailored to each organisation to log the skills of each employee.

Build training and development plans for all team members with the Zellis Training Module.


Workforce Management

Determine workforce availability with Leave Management and track hours completed with Zellis Time and Attendance.

Build accurate shift rotas in Schedule Management with our partners at UKG and Rotageek.

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Build a high performance culture 

Zellis Performance Management enables managers to review progress at regular intervals, ensuring everyone succeeds at work.

Zellis protects customers from compliance breaches and penalties by maintaining strong relationships with key third parties: HMRC, Irish Revenue, and pensions regulators.


Maintain compliance

Maintain certification in industries requiring Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by creating status reports that show an individual’s progress.

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Become the employer of choice with outstanding employee engagement

Align your benefits, reward, and recognition strategy with company values to help attract, engage, and retain top talent, with our Benefex solution.

Empower managers, standardise processes, and boost efficiency with our reward consultancy service.

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“There were a couple of different options we could have taken, but seeing Zellis HCM Cloud in the demonstrations felt like a better option for us from a longevity perspective as we wanted a solution that was going to last quite a while and that wasn’t going to become outdated quickly or require substantial intervention.”

Jennifer Roberts Head of Reward and HR Services View case study
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"We’ve started to move away from asking basic questions like ‘Did everyone get paid on time?’ to ‘How did we get there?'. We’re achieving a greater depth of analysis, looking at factors such as the accuracy at different stages of the pay cycle, and how effectively changes were communicated within the team. This is helping us make additional process enhancements in key areas like payroll."

Darren Bartholomew Head of HR Planning and Information Systems View case study

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