Reimagine your employee benefits platform 

Employee benefits are not one-size-fits-all. Your people don’t all want or need the same things. And if a business doesn’t reflect the diversity of its workforce in the range of benefits on offer, it will never realise its full potential. 

OneHub | Benefits, the award-winning employee benefits platform from our sister company Benefex, integrates seamlessly with our payroll and HR tools, and is one of core solutions within Zellis HCM Cloud. 

Streamlining your benefits selection process not only supports the objectives of your HR teams, but also provides your employees with an exceptional digital experience.  

Employee Benefits Software

Flexible benefits platform for the modern workforce 

OneHub | Benefits provides a vast array of both bespoke and ready-made benefits. Craft a personalised benefits package for every employee, and see productivity, engagement and retention skyrocket. 

A consistent, reliable employee benefits platform means every member of your workforce receives the same exceptional experience – no matter where they are in the world. 

Employee Benefits Company
Employee Benefits Software

Meet all of your employee benefit software needs

  • Integrate bespoke and ready-made benefits
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Total Rewards Statements
  • Broking and consultancy services
  • Administration hub
  • Query builder
  • Employee search facility

Unify pay and employee benefits with a single self-service experience  

Too many companies rely on outdated, disparate pay and employee benefits systems. Payroll teams spend countless hours manually interpreting information and applying it to salary calculations. Our employee benefits platform does away with that overhead.

In Zellis HCM Cloud, our employee benefits software syncs information directly with payroll in real time. Through self-service, employees can access crystal-clear visualisations of the combined value of their salary, rewards, and benefits.

Employee Benefits Platform

Exceptional visibility and reporting

Your HR teams need to know precisely how benefits are adopted and used across the company. Without this in-depth understanding, they won’t identify the trends that could help them refine their benefits strategies and improve employee experiences. 

The superior reporting and analytics functionalities in OneHub | Benefits enhance visibility across the entire workforce. Analytics dashboards and interactive charts empower companies with actionable insights, enabling them to execute benefits decisions with remarkable precision. 

Intuitive technology for every employee

If your business lacks a modern benefits platform – or lacks relevant benefits altogether – your organisation inevitably suffers. Without a valued employee benefits platform, engagement plummets and retention declines. 

Our benefits enrolment software is mobile-first, so it’s never been easier for employees to learn about and apply for your business’s diverse benefits. OneHub | Benefits supports a highly bespoke approach to employee wellbeing, which boosts benefits uptake and reinforces engagement across the board. 

A happy workforce is a productive workforce

And diverse, easy-to-understand benefits mean not a single employee is left behind.