Zellis, the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of payroll and HR solutions, has announced the launch of workplace finance platform MyView PayNow, in partnership with Wagestream. The new platform offers a set of features unique to the UK which are being made available as an extension of MyView, Zellis’ self-service HR portal used by millions of managers and employees across the country.

  • MyView PayNow combines pay visibility, flexibility, savings tools and more, all in one app
  • Over 5 million workers will get fair, simple, self-service financial tools and support 
  • Over a third of FTSE 100 companies can now instantly offer flexible pay and financial support

Eight in ten (81%) employers offered new forms of financial support to employees last year, in response to the cost-of-living crisis. With MyView PayNow, employers will be able to instantly roll out an employee financial wellbeing programme as an extension of their MyView portal – offered through MyView and a standalone mobile app – all of which will be managed through their own secure employer portal. Thanks to the modern HCM cloud-based platform Zellis employs, which integrates easily with other technologies, this app can be made available to customers within days.  

Three quarters (73%) of workers are more worried about money now than prior to the pandemic – and most (83%) now say their employer should focus on financial wellbeing as much as mental and physical wellbeing. Through the mobile MyView PayNow app and online MyView portal, employees will now have access to tools designed to improve their financial wellbeing, all built around their pay. They can manage budgeting, choose when to get paid (also known as ​flexible pay​), build up a rainy-day fund, get free guidance, and more – right where they are already used to accessing their pay and HR information.

John Petter, CEO of Zellis, explained: “Financial wellbeing is a strategic priority for HR leaders and boardrooms around the country. It’s also one of Zellis’ key ESG commitments, supporting wellbeing for all through employee experiences which can be a catalyst for change. We’re excited to be building on our existing partnership with Wagestream.”

The new MyView PayNow extension is tailored to measurably improve employee wellbeing while helping employers see a positive impact on recruitment, retention, and productivity.” 

John Petter, CEO, Zellis

“With the addition of MyView PayNow, Zellis’ MyView portal is introducing something truly exciting to the UK market. For the first time, employers can offer managers and teams the ability to view their key financial wellness information directly within Zellis MyView self-service portal.”

MyView PayNow is powered by Wagestream, the workplace finance provider founded with a social charter to improve the financial wellbeing of frontline workers and created with the Fair By Design financial inclusion campaign. 

Three million people use Wagestream as an employee benefit, through employers such as Bupa, Asda, Co-op, Pizza Express, Next, and the NHS. Employers who offer Wagestream outperform global benchmarks for inclusion, and see an average of 26% faster recruitment, 16% reduction in turnover, and 11% better shift-fill rates. 

From payslips and expenses to bills and budgeting, all integrated: MyView PayNow represents what workplace finance platforms will look like in the future. By combining our financial inclusion expertise with Zellis’ world-class payroll and HR technology, thousands more employers will be able to improve the financial wellbeing of millions more workers across the UK.” 

Peter Briffett, co-founder and CEO of Wagestream
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