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Financial services payroll and HR solutions

The financial services industry faces specific people and payroll challenges. Ever-changing regulations drive a need to keep processes compliant, avoiding penalisation and reputational damage. Digitisation is transforming the landscape and skills requirements, adding complexity to recruitment and talent management.

In financial services, employee engagement is crucial for performance and retention. The increasing importance of culture and wellbeing adds a new dimension to financial services payroll and HR today.

Zellis’ industry-leading solutions are ideal for financial services teams. Work with us to stay compliant, while attracting and engaging the talent you need. Our award-winning payroll software is accurate, automated, and compliant with current legislation. Discover why market-leading financial services organisations turn to us.

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Managed payroll services for the financial sector

Financial services companies need to manage often large, varied workforces in a highly regulated industry. Payroll errors put businesses at risk of non-compliance, fines, reputational damage, and broken trust with employees.

You can use our best-in-class cloud payroll software standalone, or integrate it with our human capital management (HCM) platform, Zellis HCM Cloud. But if you’d prefer to hand payroll over to an experienced managed payroll services provider, our highly experienced delivery teams will optimise your processes, generating measurable and meaningful value for your business:

  • Improve payroll accuracy
  • Boost cost efficiency
  • Stay compliant and manage risks
  • Build resilience and shore up your business against uncertainty

Our centres of excellence in the UK, Ireland, and India facilitate the support you need, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Financial services HR solutions

Zellis HCM Cloud has integrated HR solutions that seamlessly connect recruitment and onboarding. We help you deliver smooth candidate experiences from the start.

Hiring in the financial sector is complex. The FCA requires rigorous background checks, especially when hiring for senior positions. Our background checking service keeps you compliant with UK financial regulations and simplifies risk management.

Our market-leading HCM solution integrates seamlessly with other business-critical applications for smoother workforce management. Up-to-date reporting and analytics help you spot trends in your company and make data-driven decisions about your future.

Engage your workforce with personalised training

From emerging asset classes to evolving areas such as machine learning and automation, training and reskilling financial services employees is mission-critical.

We understand the importance of closing skill gaps, fostering adaptability, and engaging your people. That’s why we’ve partnered with Cornerstone LMS, a leading learning management system, to provide a powerful solution to enhance productivity and create a future-ready workforce.

Advanced technology carefully maps skills to the critical roles in your organisation. Personalised and carefully curated training programmes adapt as your employees grow, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Empower employees and enhance their experience

MyView makes it easy for employees to see payslips, book leave, and upload documents.

We take the stress out of managing personal information and admin. Our intuitive system boosts productivity because employees don’t have to wrangle a difficult interface or slow system. The user-friendly self-service platform means over-stretched HR teams can focus on other key tasks.

The inbuilt MyDiversity Data module helps you foster an action-oriented approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Employees can securely provide information, which populates the DEI dashboard with anonymised organisational insights, so you can target areas for improvement and measure your company’s progress.

Leading financial institutions trust Zellis to deliver enhanced payroll, recruitment, onboarding, and employee experiences. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

Meeting the key challenges of the financial services

Our industry-leading solutions and services help financial sector organisations tackle HR and payroll challenges head-on, integrating with tier one third-party apps to enhance productivity and usability.


Simpler recruitment

Our solutions integrate with leading application tracking systems to simplify recruitment.

End-to-end background checks speed up recruiting and reduce risk.

Smooth onboarding experiences ease the transition from candidate to employee.

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Skill building

Learning management system partner programme helps employees build skills.

Create unique training and development plans for all team members.

Track progress with the Zellis Attainments module.


Engagement and retention

Build a benefits, reward, and recognition strategy that aligns with your core values.

Standardise reward processes for better efficiency.

Modern, digital, self-service portals help employees manage their data and experiences.

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Workforce management

Manage rotas, track leave, and determine workforce availability.

Track hours with Zellis Time and Attendance modules.

Integrate seamlessly with third-party apps and productivity tools to meet evolving needs.


Culture and diversity

MyDiversity Data module makes it easy for employees to securely submit information.

DEI Dashboard visualises insights, highlighting actionable areas to focus on.

Helps financial services HR to build and maintain inclusive workplace cultures.



Stay compliant with changing regulations. Manage National Minimum / Living Wage, off-payroll working, pensions, and benefits.

Track CPD to be sure all staff are meeting requirements.

Our team maintains strong relationships with key third parties including HMRC, Irish Revenue, and pensions regulators.

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