Celebrate success with our employee recognition software

Your people are amazing.

They get results, they’re team players, and they make the office a brighter place. But it’s one thing to recognise their efforts in your head, and quite another to outwardly demonstrate your appreciation. 

OneHub | Recognition, from our sister company Benefex, is a a powerful strategic HR tool within Zellis HCM Cloud. It’s intuitive, hassle-free, and enables real-time recognition of your employee’s efforts.

Utilise our employee recognition software to send a meaningful thank you message when it matters most, and track engagement within built-in analytics.

The power of employee recognition systems

Employee Recognition Platform



of HR professionals say recognition boosts engagement



of employees cite a lack of appreciation as a factor when leaving a company

Why choose our employee recognition software?

Real-time recognition feed

Employees can receive recognition notifications and interact with posts, leaving both likes and comments, with a constantly refreshing social recognition feed.

Multimedia messages

Why not make it fun with text, a meme, a GIF, or a video? Let your employees add a personal touch.

Add rewards and vouchers 

Say an extra thank you for the extra efforts with rewards and vouchers to your chosen value from a whole host of retailers.

Real-time analytics 

Understand which employees are using the platform – and how they’re engaging with it – with our built-in analytics dashboard.

Social Recognition Software
Employee Recognition Platform

Recognise amazing work with social recognition 

When a business has no centralised employee recognition platform where workers can recognise their peers’ efforts, team cohesion becomes unstuck. 

OneHub | Recognition is simple, fun, in-the-moment, and highly effective. Our employee recognition software helps employers and employees alike recognise their peers anytime, anywhere. 

Whether it’s with a text, a meme, or a GIF, or a little something extra, show your appreciation within a few clicks.

Reward, redeem, repeat  

Monetary rewards and vouchers are proven to boost employee motivation – but maintaining control and transparency over the process can be tough. 

With OneHub | Recognition, you can assign your reward budget however you want – it’s easy, flexible, and intuitive.

Employee Benefits Platform
Employee Recognition Platform

Assess engagement with cutting-edge analytics

Employee recognition data is a strong indicator of satisfaction, engagement, and motivation. But when it’s not unified on a centralised platform, tracking and analysing that data becomes labour-intensive. OneHub | Recognition wipes away those problems. 

Our social recognition software is GDPR-compliant, and a dynamic analytics dashboard shows who’s using the app and how they’re engaging with it.

Build a happy, loyal, and productive workforce

We all deserve a little appreciation from time to time. And when you express your thanks with OneHub | Recognition, you benefit your entire business.