Talent Management Software

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Talent management software

Our award-winning HR software includes a powerful talent management system, featuring dedicated tools for a consistent and engaging employee lifecycle – from hire to retire.

Streamlined, easy-to-use, and accessible on any device, our talent management software helps you secure the finest person for the job – then deliver them an optimal employee experience.

Talent Management System


We provide a seamless integration between our HR software and our partner recruitment solution, Talentsoft:

  • Access a comprehensive recruitment portal for external candidates, internal applicants and recruitment agencies
  • Build shortlists, schedule interviews, and track role status
  • Approve new roles and post ads to other sites, all in one go
  • Easily integrate with LinkedIn and job board aggregators

And, if a role requires advanced vetting, we can provide optional background checking services.

Simplify recruitment with automation and run reports on every aspect of talent acquisition. Save time, and give candidates a fantastic first impression.

Employee onboarding

If new recruits don’t have touchpoints before their start date, they may feel unwelcome or unprepared on their first day.

Research shows that strong onboarding improves new hire retention by 82%, and productivity by over 70%. That’s why our talent management software is underpinned by a customisable onboarding portal which, on average, speeds up the process by 10%.

New starters can log in anytime before their start date to:

  • Complete any outstanding admin
  • Book introductions to new colleagues
  • Read company policies
  • Review first day instructions

Help them feel settled, integrated with the team, and raring to go – fuelled by the interactive start date countdown, of course!

Talent Management Software

Performance and training management

There’s nothing more empowering than encouraging employees to manage their own performances:

  • Set individual goals to encourage staff development
  • Support employee progress with assessment-based appraisals
  • Measure and track employee and departmental performances
  • Update records in real time

If your people don’t receive ongoing training opportunities, they may feel undervalued. That’s why our talent management software provides a single, centralised platform which helps you identify learning and development needs, as well as monitor individual training and compliance. You can even automatically generate employee requirements through our HR solution.

Talent Management System

Succession planning

Our talent management software helps you spot hierarchy gaps, match candidates to roles, and assess competency and qualifications to identify future leaders – and what training they’ll need.

Analyse live data for a snapshot of every post, including skills and attainments, and store all succession planning data in one place, so your organisation is ready to fill key roles at a moment’s notice.

Turbocharge your talent management

Optimise your talent acquisition processes, streamline every aspect of your onboarding, and cultivate a workforce who feel stimulated, valued, and productive.

It’s time to turbocharge your talent management.