Reporting and analytics

Empower leaders and functional teams with insights to drive better decision making and smoother operations. Power BI brings streamlined analytics direct to your HR and payroll teams through embedded analytics within ResourceLink. As well as reports for everyday use, get reports for audit and compliance, and deliver strategic information to leadership teams.

Zellis HCM Cloud meets all of your payroll and HR reporting software needs in a single platform, enabling you to fully unlock and utilise the true potential of your organisation’s data.

At its heart is the Zellis Intelligence Platform, which integrates and transmits data seamlessly between Zellis solutions and third-party apps. It enables powerful cross-product analytical capabilities to help you:

  • Unearth trends in your workforce
  • Forecast future developments
  • Execute precise, data-driven decisions
HR Reporting Software

Market-leading HR analytics

Powered by Microsoft’s Power BI, the HR Director Dashboard is a self-service analytics tool designed to present the key business insights you need without delay or room for misinterpretation.

With an easy-to-use graphical interface and powerful visualisations, it’s accessible directly from within Microsoft 365 or embedded within our payroll and HR solution. Analyse headcount, attrition, sickness, and compensation using the HR Director Dashboard.

Identifying trends and patterns, predicting outcomes, and making more informed decisions has never been easier.

Track crucial patterns and trends


View staff turnover as a percentage rate, month-on-month or annually for any period. Indicators show if the trend is up or down, based on a comparison of current and previous periods.


View the total salary paid in any given month, regardless of the pay frequency. A trend indicator provides easy comparison.


Access the overall count of current employees at the start of each month, with an indicator showing any change in trend.


View incidences of absences across selected groups of employees, with a month-on-month total. A trend indicator is also provided.

Payroll dashboard

The Zellis Payroll Dashboard helps visualise payroll data from the Zellis Intelligence Platform to aid users track and analyse payroll trends. It’s fuelled by Power BI and designed to streamline payroll analytics for end users.

It covers:  

  • Operational Dashboard 
  • Payroll Exceptions 
  • Net Pay Analysis 
  • Payroll Trend Analysis 
  • Pay Data Analysis for Managers 
  • Pattern Analysis 
  • Exploratory Analysis 

Key HR and payroll reporting and analytics features

HR and Payroll Reporting Software

Integrated payroll and HR reporting

Our reporting tool captures data from our payroll and HR solution. Choose from 200+ preconfigured reports.

HR Analytics Software

Interactive dashboards

Configure dashboards not only for operations, but also for payroll cost analysis, gender pay reporting, and attendance.

Automated HR Reporting

Automated reporting

Set up an unlimited number of automated reports, delivered directly to a secure, centralised, and shared location.

Automate, configure, deliver

Fuelled by automation, our HR and payroll reporting software and analytics tools allow you to spend less time building and delivering reports, and more time deriving insights from them.

Configure interactive dashboards for a variety of roles, such as:

Manager dashboard

Through this dashboard, managers can:

  • Track incoming employees with onboarding reports
  • Review attendance information
  • Manage performance detail

Executive dashboard

Display different views to report on:

  • Starters and leavers
  • FTE headcount
  • Number of employees nearing retirement

Operational dashboard

Report on a wealth of information, including:

  • Attendance
  • Payroll categories
  • Salary growth trends

DEI dashboard

Our DEI dashboard empowers HR and business leaders to visualise insights, identify action areas and measure progress in DEI initiatives.

Easily view and analyse data on workforce composition, joiners, leavers, and movers. The DEI data health check page lets you view the data provided by the employees on their characteristics.

We help you make the diversity and inclusion decisions which are critical to allowing you to expand your talent pool, drive performance, and increase engagement.

HR reporting to keep you compliant

It’s tough to stay on top of legislation that demands increasingly meticulous payroll and HR reports. That’s why our solutions can help you automate a vast array of reporting tasks, including:

Gender pay gap

Manage potential inequalities through powerful analysis of detailed charts and reports.

National Living Wage

Identify employees who risk falling below the national minimum wage.

Bradford Factor

Accurately monitor sickness absence, identify absence patterns, and evaluate potential business disruption.

CEO pay ratio

Generate the required ratios for the annual directors’ remuneration report – and deliver granular employee data at the same time.

Payroll Reporting Software

Get the most out of your reports 

No matter how data-savvy you are, it’s always good to have insightful visualisations and easy-to-understand reports on hand.

The BI experts at Zellis can help you benefit from the latest reporting and analytics tools within Zellis HCM Cloud. Together, we can set up reports and dashboards to identify key trends and data sets, help you analyse data, and present results and recommendations to dig down to those hidden insights.

HR Reporting Software

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