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Zellis HCM Cloud

In today’s fast-moving and often unpredictable world of work, the quality of your human capital management (HCM) technology means everything. It’s no longer enough just to ensure that your payroll and HR processes run efficiently.

You need to ensure compliance with the most complex of regulations. You need the ability to quickly translate your untapped data into powerful insights. And perhaps most importantly, you need to provide modern, digital experiences that make your people feel appreciated for the work they do.

Zellis HCM Cloud helps you achieve all of this – and much more. It’s a data-driven, cloud-based, and open HCM software platform, complete with award-winning solutions for payroll, HR, benefits and recognition.

It’s time to transform your business.

Why choose Zellis HCM Cloud?

Zellis HCM Cloud is more than just integrated payroll and HR software. It’s a solution that directly addresses key business challenges, while equipping you with the tools to create, deliver, and measure first-class people processes.

Enable enterprise-wide integration

Customise your solution with seamless integrations between our platform and other key apps, available via Zellis Marketplace.

Deliver modern, digital experiences

Keep your people feeling valued and engaged with modern, mobile, ‘in the flow of work’ experiences for payroll and HR.

Build business resilience and agility

Our cloud solution is both secure and resilient, while remaining fully scalable to meet changing business needs.

Realise the potential in your data

The Zellis Intelligence Platform lets you unify, simplify, analyse, and action data from across your solutions, enhancing decision making.


An HCM platform with solutions for all of your needs

Payroll and financial wellbeing

Our award-winning payroll software is reliable, efficient, and always a step ahead on compliance. It’s used to pay millions of employees every month – no wonder 91% of our customers consider our solution the market leader in the UK and Ireland.

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Core HR

Our HR software helps streamline the tasks involved in onboarding, managing, developing, and retaining employees. Our intuitive self-service platform, available on any device, empowers employees by delivering their data to them in the flow of work.


Broader HR

Develop the ideal solution with broader Zellis solutions and our best-in-class partner portfolio, integrated via pre-built connectors with real-time flow of data.


Zellis Services

Zellis range of services helps to mitigate risk, achieve greater efficiencies, and deliver proven returns for our customers. With operations across five centres of excellence, our teams bring an optimal mix of onshore and offshore delivery. We provide the scale to keep your operations resilient, secure, and cost-efficient in a volatile business environment.

Discover the best of both worlds

Some cloud HCM software solutions provide top-tier functionality, but they’re tough to integrate. Others integrate just fine – but they underdeliver on functionality.

Whichever road you go down, you feel like you have to compromise. However, with Zellis HCM Cloud, you get the best of both worlds.

Zellis HCM Cloud not only delivers market-leading solutions for payroll, HR, benefits and recognition, but also integrates with your other key applications, enabling:

  • Seamless and secure data sharing between systems
  • Powerful workflow automation
  • Advanced cross-product reporting and analytics 
  • Sacrifice, compromises – they’re in the past
HCM Software

Unlock real business intelligence

Time and again, siloed data, manual reporting, and clunky analytics prove to be barriers to strategic decision making in functions like payroll and HR.

The Zellis Intelligence Platform collects, integrates, and analyses data from across your Zellis solutions, delivering insights directly to those that need them, whether it be via notifications in self-service, to their mobile, or in the form of incredible visualisations and dashboards.

Our HCM software affords your business the agility to adapt quickly and flexibly to an unpredictable business landscape, helping you to better understand trends in your workforce. Execute data-driven strategic decisions, confident that they’re supported by reliable insights from a single source of truth. 

You’ll wonder how you ever did without it. 

Transform your data with the Zellis Intelligence Platform


Bring your data from across solutions together in a single source of truth.


Turn large and complex data sets into simple, but impactful visualisations.


Use our dedicated analytics tools to quickly unearth key trends and patterns.


Automate report building and deliver actionable insights to your key stakeholders.

Boost efficiency and cut costs

Payroll and HR are significant cost centres for most organisations, and the time spent on manually completing administrative tasks only adds to this.

Zellis HCM Cloud helps lower your operational costs, creates process efficiencies, and boosts productivity within your teams by streamlining key payroll and HR administration tasks. Our customers widely agree that our payroll and HR solutions:



improve process accuracy and efficiency



cut operating costs



optimise time management

Enhance performance in the cloud

Zellis HCM Cloud’s deployment on the Azure public cloud gives your organisation:


Grow your operations flexibly, reacting with agility to changes in the business landscape and delivering a high performance service to your people. 


Be assured that our HCM software meets the highest standards of data protection and security to keep your organisation’s sensitive information safe.


Create the peace of mind of knowing that your mission-control operations are stable and always running – with minimal downtime. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Willmott Dixon logo
Willmott Dixon

"The HCM Cloud demo was very good and one that left me feeling excited about the future potential of our ResourceLink system. Better integration with other systems, faster performance, and improved analytics are all things that are high on our priority list as a business and should help us to work more efficiently.”

Liam Horner People Reward & Systems Manager
Vertas logo

“With Vertas acquiring bigger and bigger companies, we needed better reporting, and Zellis is giving us this capability. It’s really important for us to see information across all functions, not just in payroll, though. So, we will continue to harmonise our systems to get the very best visibility, with all information accessible in one place.”

Kate Innes Associate Director, People View case study
Monmouthshire County Council logo
Monmouthshire County Council

“There is a strong synergy between our digital transformation plans and Zellis HCM Cloud – especially its focus on employee experiences, automation, and ease of integration with solutions we already use.”

Peter Davies Deputy Chief Executive

Empowering employee self-service

Without an easy-to-use platform for all their pay, HR, reward, and benefits needs, your people will feel disengaged. And if your existing system is clunky and impersonal – when just booking leave or checking payslips have become arduous tasks – you risk damaging productivity.

Zellis HCM Cloud unites these disparate experiences with MyView. Our employee self-service portal ensures a personalised, intuitive, and seamless digital experience for every employee, complete with dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Ensure accuracy and compliance

Your HCM software shouldn’t just help you boost the efficiency of your key processes. It should also ensure that everything you do is accurate – and in complete compliance with all of the relevant payroll and HR legislation. 

Zellis HCM Cloud provides market-leading integrated payroll and HR software in a platform that meets both the most complex industry regulations and the highest data protection standards, giving you the peace of mind that your processes are accurate, resilient, and fully compliant.

HCM Software

Ready to learn more?

Zellis HCM Cloud is a solution that helps you digitally transform your pay, HR, and benefits processes, create magical employee experiences and, most importantly, make your people feel appreciated for the work they do. 

We’re ready when you are.