supporting employee resilience and productivity

Financial wellbeing

Employee access to tools designed to improve their financial wellbeing, all built around their pay. They can manage budgeting, choose when to get paid, build up a rainy-day fund, and get free financial information. Strengthening the employer-employee bond and supporting employee resilience and productivity.

Why is financial wellbeing so important?




of employees have experienced financial stress in the past year




of these are losing sleep and feeling tired at work




say money worries have reduced their productivity at work




say it’s important for employers to provide financial wellbeing support

MyView PayNow

MyView PayNow can help improve your people’s financial wellbeing, which makes them more productive, more willing to do extra shifts, and more attracted to their employer.

Through the mobile MyView PayNow app and online MyView portal, employees will now have access to tools designed to improve their financial wellbeing, all built around their pay. They can manage budgeting, choose when to get paid (also known as flexible pay), build up a rainy-day fund, get free guidance, and more – right where they are already used to accessing their pay and HR information.

With MyView PayNow, employers can roll out an employee financial wellbeing programme as an extension of their MyView portal – offered through MyView and a standalone mobile app – all of which will be managed through their own secure employer portal. Thanks to Zellis’ modern HCM cloud-based platform, which integrates easily with other technologies, this app can be made available to customers within days.

Self Service Payroll Phone View

Proactive pay advice

MyPay empowers employees to take control of their pay by showing a breakdown of the net pay, gross pay, and deductions.

Make pay documents easier to analyse with interactive graphics in MyPay.
Quickly see changes in your payslip from month to month or from the prior year. See the effect of any pay rises, overtime, and the impact of legislative changes, such as new tax rates or crossing the threshold for repaying a student loan.

With MyPay, employees can compare up to three payslips at a time and monitor changes. It’s possible to compare this month’s payslip to the equivalent payslip last year and track progress.

Help employees with important pay information through frequently asked questions (FAQs) that come as standard, providing answers to the most common queries seen by Zellis. These can quickly be tailored to reflect your organisation. For example, public sector workers may have different questions from commercial entities.

Employment verification

Employment verification is a digital service that automates the time-consuming process of sharing of payroll and employment information. It provides an instant and secure alternative for verifying such information when applying for a range of services, including mortgages. Delivered in partnership with Experian Work Report™, employees can choose to digitally share their payroll information directly from their employer to a trusted third party.

The solution removes the need to collate potentially dozens of pages of data as paper documents or pdfs, which must be sourced, at request, by their employer’s HR team. Because many UK employees will need to share employment and income information, this solution has the potential to save hundreds of hours of time, while improving people’s access to important services.

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