Drive payroll and HR value with expert consulting

Value maximisation services 

Your payroll and HR systems serve critical business functions. From payments to workforce management, smooth processes are vital. Bottlenecks in your processes can lead to compliance risks, unhappy team members, and risks to your reputation.

Keep your processes lean, clean, and compliant with expert support from Zellis consultants. We lend our decades of industry knowledge to make sure your systems are optimised for your specific needs.

  • Turn your payroll and HR systems into powerful value-adds for your business.
  • Stay compliant with our award-winning solutions, approved by HMRC.
  • Make sure your Zellis solutions are set up to drive optimal business results.
  • Keep your team happy, motivated, and always learning.

Transform payroll and HR value with management consulting

HR and payroll are too often seen as transactional functions. Our consulting service transforms these core activities into powerful value-adds for your business.

We’ll guide you on how to optimise your systems to streamline processes, drive cost-effectiveness, and deliver exceptional employee experiences.

  • Your dedicated business consultant reviews every aspect of your processes and makes recommendations.
  • Get expert support with zero hassle and develop a strategy that drives business results.  

We know recommendations only work if they’re properly implemented. Our consultants help you execute a transformation programme to get your team up to speed and achieve buy-in from key stakeholders.

Keep your Zellis solution running optimally

Every business is different. That’s why our industry-leading solutions have flexibility at their core. But once your Zellis solution is in place, how do you keep it running at its best?

Our system health checks and system reviews keep your system efficient and compliant. We’ll show you how to resolve challenges, make the most of the technology, and reduce compliance risks.

  • Partner with our consultants for an investigative workshop. We’ll pinpoint key challenges and ways to improve how you use Zellis HCM Cloud.
  • We’ll provide a full report that prioritises what to tackle and how.
  • Track improvements that result from our recommendations. We’ll carry out a benchmarking exercise at the beginning of our work together, and again after implementing changes.
  • We know each business is unique. That’s why our health-checking service identifies the core goals and benefits you need from our time together.

Our proactive hands-on approach keeps your system running at its best and helps your team gain confidence in using it.

Increase team happiness with reward consultancy

A robust benefits and rewards system can boost team happiness and strengthen your business reputation. Timely payments and personalised, meaningful rewards show your team how much you value their hard work.

  • Build a rewards and benefits system that works for your business and your team, with support from our experts
  • We help you tackle every aspect of rewards and benefits, from pay structure design to equal pay audits and annual salary reviews.
  • Harness the power of flexible benefits thanks to the benefits and recognition platform from our sister company, Benefex.
  • Take reward and pay gap reporting from an art to a science thanks to our accurate, timely insights.
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes or compliance issues with our HMRC-approved solutions.

Whether you prefer a fully or partly managed system, or you’d like to keep payroll in-house, our reward consultants can help. No matter how large or complex your team, we’ll help you identify and implement the best system for your business.

Keep your team up to date

Staying up to date is key to getting the most from any software solution. Our team believes in always learning, and we’re excited to share that with you.

  • Keep your team up to date with the latest updates and application enhancements
  • Learn current good practice and pass them on to your team with help from our dedicated professionals.
  • Stay on top of legislation thanks to our closer ties with HMRC and Revenue.

We help you implement changes so your team is learning from the experts.

Get maximum payroll and HR value 

Ready to see how Zellis can help you get maximum business value from your HR and payroll processes?