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Create exceptional employee experiences with our award-winning HR solutions and best-in-class partnerships.

Our flexible solutions provide the support you need, no matter how large or complex your workforce.

  • Meet ever-changing HR challenges with ease
  • Keep your team engaged and build trust
  • Stay compliant with our HMRC-approved solutions

Trusted by the UK’s largest employers

Over 45% of the UK’s largest employers trust us with their critical HR processes.

Our bespoke approach means you get HR solutions that work for your specific needs. Whether you need best-of-breed payroll software or managed services, we’ve got your back.

Our partnerships with industry-leading providers give you access to a broader range of services to make sure no need goes unmet.

Manage your workforce with ease – in any industry

A well-managed workforce is happier and more efficient. Unfortunately, over-stretched HR teams or clunky processes can cause havoc. From scheduling troubles to inaccurate records, workforce management can quickly become a leading cause of business inefficiency.

Our solutions bring simplicity to the most complex workforce requirements. Self-service options give your team more control and leave your HR team to focus on core tasks instead of spending precious work hours managing timesheets.

  • Access our expertise across industries
  • Manage rosters and schedules
  • Track and record workforce data
  • Automate key tasks

Boost employee engagement with tailored rewards and benefits

A robust rewards, benefits, and recognition scheme helps boost engagement and retention of employees.

The Zellis approach helps you build tailored solutions that work for your workforce. Our solutions are data-driven, so your scheme is backed by solid knowledge, not guesswork.

  • Recognise great work from colleagues
  • Offer benefits that reflect the diversity of your workforce
  • Create meaningful reward packages that matter to your team
  • Seamlessly synch payroll and benefits for speed and accuracy
  • Allocate rewards budgets in the way that makes most sense for you

With OneHub | Benefits, the award-winning employee benefits platform from our sister company Benefex, you can tailor your benefits packages to suit your organisation’s culture.

Zellis is one of the only HR and payroll providers that also offers reward consultancy, including BI Consulting and Cognos Impromptu Consulting. Our experts give you the support and guidance you need to make the best choices for your company, even at enterprise level.

Attract and retain the right people with talent management

Your people are the engine that drives your business. Our background checking service and partner solutions help you find, attract, and keep the talent you need. We partner with Eploy applicant tracking, and Talentlink from Cornerstone, to provide solutions at every stage of your search.

  • Carry out accurate background checks
  • Build shortlists and manage interviews
  • Welcome new colleagues and get them up to speed
  • Identify learning needs and monitor individual training

Secure the high-quality people you need and speed up time to hire with our streamlined software. Build strong relationships from the outset by giving candidates control of their experience before their start date. From hire to retire, our solutions help you manage your most precious resource.

Partner with a team that prioritises your success

The relationship has been the best thing about working with Zellis. It’s hard to know where the Zellis team stops and the Yodel team starts – we are very collaborative.” – Jodie McEvoy, Director of People Services, Yodel

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yodel experienced a significant increase in order volumes. They partnered with Zellis to support their recruitment of both employed and self-employed delivery drivers. Thanks to Zellis’ background checking solutions, Yodel was able to reduce their time to complete a full background check from an average of 14 days, to just six.

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