Background checking services

Background checking is not just a routine step in the hiring process; it’s a strategic HR tool to make better hiring decisions. Not only is it critical that applicants are qualified for the role, but also that the employer conducts the right checks to meet compliance requirements. And of course, inefficient employee background checking damages the recruitment experience.

Our background checking service changes all of that. We provide exceptional processes and technology to mitigate risk, cut turnover costs, and meet regulatory demands.

Use our background checking system to quickly carry out the checks you need or, better yet, let us handle the end-to-end process for you as a fully managed service.

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Superior employee checking service 

We can manage the end-to-end background checking process with speed and precision. With branded communications, online consent, and dedicated contact details, we’ll ensure the candidate experience aligns with your company values and standards.

Our background checking software delivers industry and customer requests fast. Access our services across all devices and in real time—and stay on top of candidate progression.

All data is stored in the UK, and in line with GDPR. And because our background checking software can integrate with your existing IT systems, you improve data accuracy and efficiency with automated updates to your central records.

Employee Background Checking Services UK

Why Zellis background checking?

Faster Payroll
Speed up time to hire

Don’t lose your best candidates because of a poor background checking process. Our service helps you hire quickly and confidently.

Manage risk 

We conduct the necessary checks – not just any checks – meaning you stay compliant and protect your employer reputation.

Optimise your costs

No more costly errors, unnecessary checks and inefficient processes. Our background checking service gets it right every time.

Reduce admin burden

We combine superior technology and excellent service to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for your HR teams.

Make the best hiring decisions with thorough, faster background checks

Background Checks and Employment Screening

Employment checks

  • Employment verification
  • Right-to-work (RTW)
  • SMCR
  • Directorship searches
Background Screening

Education checks

  • Educational verification
  • Educational qualifications
  • Professional qualifications
  • Professional memberships

Personal checks

  • Criminal record/DBS
  • Cifas
  • DBS
  • DVLA
  • ID and financial
  • Media search
  • PEPS and sanctions
  • Social media screening

Criminality and right to work

Enhance safety and stay compliant without holding up the recruitment process. We offer a faster background checking service using approved UK systems, including digital ID and DBS.

Social media screening

Protect reputation and company culture without invading privacy. Our social media screening service spots relevant red flags and adverse behaviour, so you can avoid unwise hires.

Discover the candidates who will transform your business

Our employment background checking service speeds up time-to-hire, guarantees compliance with your industry obligations, and identifies the absolute best people for the job.