Employee self-service software

Outdated, hard-to-access employee payroll self-service software does little for an individual’s engagement, and can even diminish their long-term experience at your company. It also often causes HR teams to get bogged down with updating variable payroll information and employee details, distracting them from core business objectives.

MyView is our answer to these challenges. It’s the modern, intuitive employee self-service portal for payroll and HR, accessible anytime, on any device. Employees control their own information, while managers can easily oversee their teams’ activities.

Payroll Self Service
Employee Self Service Software

Personalised experiences

In MyView, employees and managers can access and update their own information, such as overtime entries, holidays, expenses, and sickness. HR teams no longer need to make edits on their behalf, freeing them up to focus on more specialised tasks.

The intuitive experience improves visibility, convenience, and control for employees, which in turn boosts overall job satisfaction. It also results in significantly more reliable and higher quality data, since employees are responsible for managing their own information.

Mobile experiences

Our native iOS and Android mobile apps for MyView are simple to use, modern, and fresh. They empower your employees to take control by giving them instant, secure access to everything they need: whenever they want, wherever they are.

No matter what device your employees use (from laptop, to mobile, to tablet), they will always receive the same exceptional self-service experience.

Plus, single sign-on between MyView and our other HR, benefits, and recognition solutions – as well as Microsoft 365 applications – eliminates the frustrating login problems that employees commonly face.

Employee Self Service Software

Integrated experiences

Integrated with Microsoft 365, MyView directs employee requests to their manager’s Outlook inbox, be they holiday bookings or expense approvals. This helps employees and managers alike complete HR admin tasks while in the flow of work.

Once the manager approves a request, the information is automatically updated in both the self-service portal and in your core HR records. This ensures that data is kept precise and in real time, preserving your organisation’s single source of truth.

HR Self Service
Payroll Self Service Software

Payslip experiences

A key component of MyView is MyPay, our payroll self-service module. MyPay has simple, interactive payslips, which employees can compare month by month. And with a comprehensive FAQ section, MyPay significantly reduces the number of queries directed to your payroll and HR teams.

MyPay also helps improve financial awareness within your workforce by enhancing employees’ understanding of how factors such as benefits and pension contributions affect their take-home pay.

Key features of MyView

Employee Self Service Software

Employee self-service

  • Update information, including address, emergency contact, and bank details
  • Request authorisation for holiday, overtime, sickness, training, and expenses
  • View performance management and appraisal details

Manager self-service

  • Access employee profiles, absences, reports, performance appraisals, and more
  • Approve leave and expense requests directly through your Outlook inbox
  • Delegate authorisation and responsibility to others
Payroll Self Service


  • View and download payslips, reward statements and P60s
  • Harness interactive graphics to help analyse pay documents
  • Use payroll FAQs to help employees with important pay information


  • Build frequently requested forms for employees
  • Summarise and report back all data that is submitted
  • Determine performance through benchmarking and analytics

Revolutionise payroll self-service

MyView provides an unrivalled payroll self-service experience, empowering your workforce by enabling them to manage key tasks and their own information – without damaging their productivity.

Give employees control, eliminate admin for payroll and HR teams, and witness the transformation across your business.