turn data into valuable insights and strategic actions

HR, payroll, and WFM analytics consulting 

HR, payroll, and workforce management (WFM) analytics consulting supports you to gain business insights and value from your data. Enabled through Zellis technology, our expert consultants can help you develop a data strategy, build reports, create data visualisations, and extract vital learnings to drive your business forward. 

How can HR, payroll and WFM analytics consulting help you?

Define and execute your data strategy 

We support you to develop a strategy with the right levels of data governance and data quality in place. We provide high levels of data accuracy, delivering value to the whole business. 

Reporting and data visualisation 

We help you communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to different target audiences across your business, by building effective reports and data visualisations. 

Support business decisions with data insight 

We guide you from simple reporting to deep data-driven understanding of your business. This enables more informed decisions that drive your strategic goals. 

Harness data for success with HR, payroll, and WFM analytics consulting 

Let a dedicated team of Zellis experts support you extract true business value from your HR and payroll data.