Enterprise Workforce Management Software

manage your workforce with accuracy and agility

Enterprise workforce management software

If your HR processes aren’t automated, you’re always at risk of human error. And when it comes to recording working hours, miscalculation leads to over- or underpayment. That could mean unhappy people – and that might ultimately damage your company’s financial health and have a long-term impact on cost control.

Our comprehensive HR solution includes powerful workforce management time and attendance software:

  • Boost HR efficiency by automating key processes
  • Record working hours with unrivalled accuracy
  • Manage rosters, schedules, and key data with ease
Enterprise Workforce Management Software

Build smarter schedules and rotas

We know that all businesses are different and can require various workforce management methods. Our solution lets you create a range of different schedules, rotas, and timesheets to ensure all your business needs are covered.

You can also feel confident that you’re managing your team as productively as possible. Viewing the availability and skill of your employees means tasks can be allocated and completed more efficiently – saving time and improving quality.

Time and Attendance Software

Empower your employees

Empower and motivate your employees by enabling them to control their own time and attendance, such as clocking in and out, and logging overtime. Managers can review, amend and approve entries to mitigate any fraudulent activity.

Plus, our workforce management software ensures your people have a transparent and concise understanding of your organisation’s pay rules, leaving no room for misinterpretation or confusion.

People Management System

Eliminate manual processes 

Without automation, recording timesheets is laborious work for your payroll and HR teams, and distracts them from more specialised tasks. What’s more, errors and oversights on rotas can leave managers without enough employees to cover a shift.

Our cloud workforce management software automatically updates payroll information, ensuring reliable payments that arrive on time, every time. Payroll and HR teams are freed from time-consuming manual processes, meaning their focus can be shifted to supporting your core business objectives.

Time and Attendance Software

Boost data management and reporting

The seamless integration between our people management system and our payroll software means pay information is updated automatically and accurately, leaving no opportunity for miscalculation and payment errors. 

As a result, you can also create reports and dashboards using real-time data. Gain rich insights to make better business decisions and add value to your organisation. Identify patterns of absence or areas of concern before they turn into a bigger issue. 

Right people, right place, right time

Experience the confidence of having the right people, in the right place, at the right time – and unearth crucial data to execute the right business decisions.