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Payroll isn’t something you can afford to compromise on. Today, organisations seek greater assurance that their payroll software is accurate, efficient, and fully compliant – bringing both resilience and agility to their processes in what is a highly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Our multi-award-winning cloud payroll software is automated, accurate, and compliant, affording you flexibility and peace of mind in equal measure. Use it as a standalone, best-in-class payroll solution, or as part of our integrated HCM solution, Zellis HCM Cloud.

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Automated Payroll Software

The most complete cloud payroll software

Payroll Software Compliance
Guaranteed compliance

We don’t simply keep up with legislation – we are always one step ahead. This ensures our automated payroll software is future-proofed, giving customers assurance that it fully supports their compliance efforts.

Flexible processing

We endeavour to do as much of the thinking and calculating as possible, providing the functionality not only to automate legislative requirements, but also processes that are specific to your organisation’s needs.

Pensions Software
Pensions and benefits

Our solution has dedicated Pensions and P11D modules, and also integrates tightly with Benefits to provide employees with Total Reward Statements.

Simplified reporting

Our integrated reporting and analytics functionality not only supports compliance requirements, but also enables strategic, data-driven decision making.

Make payments in seconds, not days.

Pay any time, all the time

Unlike traditional BACS, wages can be transferred through Faster Payments 24/7/365. Take full control over your payment timetables and process your payroll whenever you need to.

Save money with improved payroll accuracy

Replacing the three-day BACS process with real-time Faster Payments lets you process changes right up until the last minute, leading to for a more accurate and cost-efficient payroll operation.

Reduce your compliance risk

Improving payroll accuracy naturally reduces the risk of expensive and damaging errors, especially those that breach employment regulations like statutory payments or National Minimum Wage.

Providing a stronger employee experience

Boost employee satisfaction by ensuring their payments are correct and on time, every time. Plus, help support the financial wellbeing of employees that require more frequent payments, such as gig and shift workers.

Payroll and HR Software

Choose your solution

Whether you just want best-in-class enterprise payroll software, or need to integrate to meet wider requirements, we’ve got you covered with our flexible solutions.


Experience our best-in-class, multi-award-winning cloud payroll solution, which integrates with ease and provides rich reporting and analytics.

  • Best-in-class payroll
  • Optional integration with Benefits and Recognition solutions
  • Optional Managed Services
  • Rich payroll analytics
  • Payslip only mobile app
  • Single sign-on with Microsoft 365 integration

HCM Cloud

Meet a wider range of HCM needs with our integrated payroll and HR solution, complete with seamless self-service and market leading analytics.

  • Best-in-class payroll integrated with HR (MyView)
  • Optional integration with Benefits and Recognition solutions
  • Optional Managed Services
  • Rich payroll and HR analytics
  • Full MyView mobile app
  • Single sign-on plus expanded Microsoft 365 integration

Get ahead of legislation and keep it that way

Watertight compliance is essential. And when it comes to adhering to legislation, Zellis has the best reputation on the market. 

In-country legislation

We cater for all in-country and territory legislation, as well as public sector returns, for the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and Gibraltar.

Minimum wage monitoring

Automatic warnings flag if an employee falls below the National Minimum or Living Wage, allowing you to correct the payroll and avoid a costly breach of compliance.

CEO pay ratio reporting

Understand and comply with CEO pay ratio regulations. Easily create reports and benefit from extra features, including drilling down into the data and viewing a full history of previous years’ reports.

Off-payroll working

Feel confident in complying with off-payroll working rules. Our dedicated functionality helps you identify off-payroll workers, include required information for HMRC reporting, produce remittance advice, and more.

Automated Payroll Software

Financial empowerment

Offer your people more choice and better control through an exceptional range of wellbeing tools.

Helping employees develop a positive relationship with money is one of the most impactful things an employer can do.

Employers should be helping their employees consider money as a positive enabler in their lives, not as something that’s confusing and difficult to manage.

Zellis has a range of solutions to help employers help their employees on the road to financial wellbeing.

Don’t just take our word for it

Vertas logo

“With Vertas acquiring bigger and bigger companies, we needed better reporting, and Zellis is giving us this capability. It’s really important for us to see information across all functions, not just in payroll, though. So, we will continue to harmonise our systems to get the very best visibility, with all information accessible in one place.”

Kate Innes Associate Director, People View case study
Pizza Hut logo
Pizza Hut

“It’s amazing that something that started out as essentially a time-saving project has actually helped us to achieve some significant company objectives. It has had such a big impact on our organisation and the service we provide to employees.”

Tracy Summers Payroll Manager
University of Lincoln logo
University of Lincoln

“To say that Zellis has changed everything seems like an understatement. We’ve moved from systems that were holding everybody back to a system that is driving everybody forward.”

Ian Hodson Rewards and Benefits Manager View case study
Cloud Payroll App

Give employees a seamless payslip experience 

Disparate systems for pay and benefits create a disjointed employee experience. Data can’t be shared. Tasks can’t easily be automated. Employees spend too much time navigating multiple systems, hindering engagement and productivity. 

Within our employee self-service platform, MyPay provides multiple payslip breakdowns and visualisations, allowing employees to check, plan, and compare, while reducing the number of payroll queries received by HR.

Single sign-on between our payroll, benefits, and employee recognition solutions eliminates login problems, boosts productivity, and strengthens engagement. 

Meet all of your payroll reporting needs

Access best-in-class analytics and business intelligence tools, powered by the Zellis Intelligence Platform. Discover in-depth data on compensation, benefits uptake and overtime, and take advantage of over 200 report templates, including: 

  • Gender pay gap 
  • CEO pay ratio 
  • National Living Wage 

Create and customise dashboards with ease. Meet all of your payroll reporting needs – regardless of their complexity – and easily configure then for different stakeholders within your organisation.  

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