Meet the most complex of requirements with the market leading payroll software, ResourceLink.


Designed alongside you our software can be tailored to your exact business requirements.


Peace of mind that your employees are paid accurately and on time.


Helping you to adhere to the latest legislation.

Staying compliant

The most comprehensive payroll solution

  • Configurable software to meet all payroll requirements.
  • Quick payroll processing reduces the time taken to complete complex pay runs.
  • Offline payroll processing freeing you up to work on other things.
  • Pensions capability that works across all sectors including auto-enrolment, smart pensions, smart payments, workplace pensions and salary sacrifice.

Fast and effective payroll processing

Why sit waiting for and watching your payroll being processed? Our systems are configured to process your payroll in the most efficient manner allowing you to focus on other things.

Multi streamed processing

With our payroll software you can quickly process large and complex payrolls. You can also split payrolls in to different streams for even faster processing.

Offline payroll processing

Schedule multiple payroll processes offline such as payroll calculate, pay run summary analysis, current and historic costs and expenses.

Easily view the processes that are running, completed or failed and access reports in the dashboard.

What our customers think

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

ResourceLink has proved itself to be a very reliable system and enables us to cope with complexities. Where changes are made in respect of changing legislation we are briefed about them well in advance, which is obviously vital from a compliance point of view.

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

Staying compliant

Staying compliant

To incorporate the latest legislation, we meet with regulatory and pension bodies from across the UK and Ireland. We then work with our customers to develop rich functionality that supports HR and payroll professionals.



Pensions handles calculations for all industries. Incorporating auto-enrolment, smart pensions, smart payments, workplace pensions and salary sacrifice. You can use it on a month by month or week by week basis, with the necessary documentation provided along the way.

You'll receive alerts for issues. For example, an individual may be eligible for smart pensions, smart payments or salary sacrifice. ResourceLink alerts you to possible minimum wage or LEL threshold breach.

Flexible benefits

Flexible benefits

OneHub enables customers to design, manage and deliver meaningful employee experiences, from benefits and communications to recognition and wellbeing. The outcome is a truly exceptional experience for employees..

Integrated with ResourceLink, employees can apply for benefits through the self-service portal. When chosen, the benefit details go back into ResourceLink for processing.

Territory legislation

We cater for the following territory legislation:

  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Gibraltar

Public sector returns

We also support government returns and outputs including:

  • TAR - Teachers Annual Returns
  • USS - University Superannuation Scheme
  • HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency
  • REF - Research Excellence Framework
  • SIR - Staff Individualised Record
  • SWC - School Workforce Census
  • MyCSP interface (Civil Service Pension)
  • Teacher's MDC
  • EHECS (Earning, Hours end Employment Costs Survey)

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