Talent Management

To drive your business forward you need the right people in place. We’ll give you the tools you need to identify, onboard, develop, manage and retain employees across the organisation.


Interact with new recruits before they start.


Attract, engage and develop employees.


Motivate and develop employees across the organisation.


Manage your employees

  • Onboard and engage employees before they start.
  • Provide tools to managers that track development of their team through performance management.
  • Help executives and managers identify future leaders with succession planning.


Onboarding can be interactive and engaging. Transition new recruits to employees, embed team members and create brand advocates.

  • Create countdown, graphics or your own portal to welcome new employees
  • Send out forms, policies and documents before new employees start work
  • Introduce new employees to the team, their manager and deliver first day instructions.
Performance management

Performance management

Help your employees reach their potential by guiding their performance with individual goals. Use performance management to measure, nurture and provide feedback either through a structured process or informal meetings.

Succession planning

Succession planning

ResourceLink holds extensive details of an organisation’s hierarchy and positions plus the necessary skills, qualifications and attainments required in each role.

Using this intelligence aids the role of succession planning by helping to identify and nurture future leaders. It will also highlight any skills misalignment or areas where additional training may be required.

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