Give your people the rewards they deserve with benefits and recognition from Benefex, a Zellis company.

Incentivise your people

Provide a tailored rewards programme we know your colleagues will love

Transform you culture

Bring teams closer together with recognition they truly value

Simplify your systems

Utilising OneHub reduces the number of systems your people need to access


Deliver exceptional employee experiences through HR technology

Many businesses already have impressive reward, recognition and benefit schemes, but they are often costly, under-appreciated and segregated across different platforms. By putting the money currently spent on this towards modern technology, rather than arduous admin, you can improve the experience for both employees and employers.

To deliver on exactly this we’ve partnered with Benefex and integrated ResourceLink with their OneHub to provide a total rewards package.


Benefit from the best of benefits

Run, manage, and engage your employees with total visibility and control of your benefits programme.

Benefex’s expert broking service can advise on benefits and help save you money. They have a wide range of flexible online benefits that can be selected from an off-the-shelf Marketplace or tailored to your needs.

Free employee support from a dedicated team will reduced your administrative burden. While real-time data and analytics will give you full visibility on uptake and engagement.

OneHub: Communications Manager

Create, send, and measure the impact of your internal communications campaigns easily.

• Send targeted, relevant, effective communications which maximise engagement

• Unique segmentation capabilities enable targeted communications based on location, age, interests and more

• Build and send branded communications from scratch or with simple templates

• Real-time analytics of open and clickthrough rate to show how your content is performing

OneHub: Reward and recognition

Enables colleagues to engage each other and Managers to engage with teams, quickly and easily

• Employees can say ‘thank you’ anytime, anywhere, from any device

• Share messages and GIFs on the social feed to show everyone appreciation

• Set your own company values

• Transparency, accuracy and accountability

• Plan career development opportunities for your staff

• Compliance with HMRC, GDPR and industry legislations

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to discover more about ResourceLink or how our people can help you transform your payroll and HR operations, we’d love to talk.

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