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Introducing ResourceLink

Robust, flexible and scalable. ResourceLink is our award-winning HR and payroll engine.

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Payroll is complex to get right, and you need to be constantly evolving to stay compliant with an ever-changing regulatory environment.

ResourceLink’s Payroll engine is highly sophisticated and can be configured to meet even the most complex requirements, ensuring you can pay your employees on time, every time.

Our user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to maintain details easily and do everything from processing multiple payrolls to providing analysis and exception reporting.

Talent management

Talent management

Your people are your greatest asset and our talent management tools are designed to help you grow and nurture them.

Give new starters a consistent and sleek digital welcome before day one with our Onboarding module.

Our Performance management module will help your people develop clear objectives, update and track progress in real-time – challenging them to aim higher.

Identify employees' learning and development needs, monitor their progress and boost engagement with our training tools.

Putting details of your business’ hierarchy, positions, and the required skills and qualifications at your fingertips our Succession planning module helps you identify future leaders.

People management

Having an employee’s information at your fingertips is integral to giving them the best care at work. Our Organisation charting does exactly that. Letting you easily pan, zoom, filter and highlight specific organisation details and then interact with roles.

Save time and energy as our workflow driven case management tools automatically route queries from managers or employees. Our user-friendly dashboards empower your people, allowing them to initiate and track cases while keeping a full case history.

Accidents happen, so our Health and Safety Module has been set up to allow public and employee incidents to be logged quickly and easily while comprehensive reporting capabilities enables analysis from many different angles.

Workforce Management

Workforce management

ResourceLink’s workforce tools provide a window into the people performance of your business. Along with easy clocking in and out, key data, rosters and schedules are easy to manage with our Time and attendance module.

Take command of absenteeism with our leave management module. Vital data is recorded and clearly presented to help your decision-making while leave types and payment rules can be highly configured to give you greater control.

Leave management and time and attendance modules link seamlessly to give complete and comprehensive timesheet management. Put the right people in the right place with our labour scheduling module.

Reporting and analytics

ResourceLink is built to manage all your people information, its reports and alerts are built to help you make sense of it easily, so important decisions can be made quickly.

Build your own custom reports using real-time data or get going with our pre-set library of templates – There’s 200+ to choose from including Bradford Factor and Gender Pay Gap reports. Once set up our simple tools allow you to easily interrogate the data and draw out the details you need. They’ll also save you significant time running regular reports.

Stay ahead with our Business alerts module. Define your own metrics, such as contract end dates or absence thresholds and you’ll be notified of impending events, giving you time to address them. Identify behaviours and trends with our predictive analytics. Allowing you to model and prepare for critical business decisions such as cost, attrition and performance.

Safe and secure

Processing over 60 million payslips a year for 5 million customer employees we understand the importance of keeping data secure.

We use leading encryption and authentication techniques to protect your data. Data isolation techniques also ensure your data is not co-mingled with other customers.

Accredited third-parties regularly test our infrastructure and ResourceLink to ensue standards. Annual SOC1 audits confirm the effectiveness of our internal controls, while our ISO27001 certification provides assurances we meet the internationally recognised standards for data and information security.

We also comply with all Data Protection Act and GDPR requirements.

People Management

Innovative technology

To ensure we deliver you the best technology we invest heavily in ResourceLink. Our priority is to make sure it always enables you to meet the latest regulatory requirements and is easy to use.

We have a very active user group. Not only do they provide support to each other, but they work with us to identify and prioritise the enhancements and features for the ResourceLink roadmap.

At our Bristol innovation centre we’re currently working on integrations with Google Assistant to enable voice controls, multi-stream processing to speed up the calculations of complicated payrolls and we’re always testing designs to ensure they’re intuitive.

We have a number of highly trained consultants who are ready to talk to you

Sean, consultant of 23 years

We work in partnership with your business to tailor a solution that fits your needs.

Sean, consultant of 23 years

We now have real confidence in the accuracy of our payroll engine. Payday feels no different to any other day. I’m not worrying when I leave the office as I’m safe in the knowledge that we have everything under control.

Sarah Hamilton

Head of HR Shared Services, Co-operative Bank


Our reliable Support Services are here to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We help with managing structural changes, knowledge base relaunch, escalation process, quality and product testing and more. In addition, we also provide a Support Help Desk and Live Chat facilities.

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