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Pay modelling

Given the increased cost of living and living wage rates, it’s never been more important to review and update pay structures to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Salaries are the single biggest expenditure for most companies. It’s vital to strike a balance that works to attract and retain talent, while making financial sense.

We use our dedicated pay modelling software, built for complexity, to develop new pay and grading structures, creating a range of options based on current employee data.

Centralise salary and bonus information, accurately model the impact of increases and empower the appropriate managers to closely monitor reviews and recommend proposed changes within the appropriate governance arrangements. You can do it all with Zellis.

What does a pay modelling project include?

From initial scoping to final implementation, our seasoned reward consultants utilise our cutting-edge pay modelling software to help you navigate complexity with confidence.

1. Scope

Which employees are within the scope of the project, define data requirements and sources. Determine if basic or total reward package and any other terms and conditions are included in the review.

2. Data collection

Obtain data required for modelling from HR/Payroll/Market data Survey providers. 

3. Data Import 

Ensure the integrity of data as it is imported into the modelling tool.

4. Design 

Design structures and options looking at cost and employee impact both at implementation and over future years based on pay progression approaches. 

5. Consult 

Work closely with project teams, Management and Trade unions to reach agreement on best approaches. 

6. Equality Impact Assessment 

Review any changes based on best practice to ensure no bias in any proposed changes.

7. Communication 

Communicate changes to employees.

8. Implement 

Move from time consuming paper-based processes to our secure solution – with the ability to export reports with your own organisation branding. 

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Why Zellis?

With over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations through pay structure design and changes, Zellis Reward Consultants offer a comprehensive service working with customers at all stages in the process.

Our pay modelling software is built for complex pay scenarios and recommended by Unison in their guidance document Pay Modelling from a Union Perspective. It produces a quick analysis of pay scenarios, in terms of cost and employee impact, for any proposed changes or during the initial design of any pay structures.

Dynamic cost projections of up to 10 years speed up decision making processes, and allow you to design pay structures efficiently, in consultation and collaboration with stakeholders.

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