Fair and consistent pay grading

Job evaluation

Introducing a structured approach to fair pay and reward is key to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Acas defines job evaluation as ‘a method of determining on a systematic basis the relative size of several different jobs’.

Our job evaluation software provides an automated and systematic method of determining the relative size of every role – meaning you can create appropriate grading structures, ensure equal pay, and compare your roles to the market.

We provide ‘Zellis Universal’, our job evaluation scheme designed for diverse commercial organisations, ensuring consistent evaluation across various roles.

In addition to ‘Zellis Universal‘ we also provide computerised Job Evaluation systems for GLPC in the public sector and Agenda for Change in the NHS.

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Making the very best pay and reward decisions?

Leading technology, empowering people professionals to come to confident, consistent, and unbiased job evaluation conclusions. 


You have access to the end-to-end job evaluation process for complete understanding and transparency, with the ability to record your justification for the selections you make in the system.

Collaborate effortlessly 

Cross-organisational collaboration throughout the process, with support for multiple users.

The right data for the right people 

Role-based profiles ensure that only relevant information is accessed by the right individual.

Remove inconsistences 

Identify evaluation inconsistencies quickly and easily with automatic cross-checking rules. 

An analytical process 

Our software includes a role-based questionnaire, scheme guidance and the ability to track evaluations against similar roles. 

Improved data protection 

Move from time consuming paper-based processes to our secure solution – with the ability to export reports with your own organisation branding. 

Zellis Universal

Zellis’ job evaluation scheme navigates complexity with ease.

Designed for all types and sizes of commercial organisations, Zellis Universal is based on five key factors, each incorporating elements that enable consistent evaluation across a full range of roles.


  • Staff management
  • Equipment
  • Stock
  • Buildings and land
  • Finance
  • Freedom to act
  • Advice
  • Impact


  • Knowledge
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Skills


  • Information environment
  • Role complexity
  • Creativity and innovation


  • Contacts
  • Oral
  • Written


  • Working conditions
  • Hazards
  • Physical demands

Zellis is also the sole provider of an online questionnaire-based version of the Greater London Council scheme (GLPC) for use in local government. We also provide a version of Agenda for Change used throughout the NHS. 

Greater London Provincial Scheme (GLPC)

Zellis is the sole provider of a fully computerised version of Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) scheme used within Local Government and similar organisations including Housing Associations, Fire and Rescue Services and Multi Academy Trusts

The GLPC scheme includes 11 different factors such as Supervision and Management, Knowledge and Skills, Decision making and Working Conditions. The Zellis on-line system enables organisations to evaluate their roles using a standard questionnaire which breaks each factor down into its different elements. The system determines the appropriate factor level in accordance with the GLPC scheme rules and determines the overall score. Organisations that are introducing the scheme can then use the outcomes to develop their pay and grading structure.  

The system includes reporting tools to enable you to record and report on the evaluation outcomes as well as ensure that a consistent approach has been applied across your organisation. 

Agenda for Change – NHS

Zellis also provide an online version of the NHS Agenda for Change job evaluation scheme throughout Wales and Northern Ireland as well as for several individual trusts in England. 

Our system enables NHS organisations to match their jobs against NHS National Profiles in accordance with the requirements of the NHS Job Evaluation Handbook. We have a direct relationship with the NHS to ensure that the national profile database is maintained in the system to ensure correct matching. The system also allows jobs to be evaluated where matches aren’t agreed. The system also includes extensive reporting tools.

We also provide a range of other public sector evaluation schemes for Colleges, Police Support Staff and Charities.

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