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What is Reward Solutions?

‘Reward’ is a commonly used term in HR, but it’s one with many different meanings. It could be simple – the amount an employee is paid, or more complex – such as expatriate employment, company share schemes, pensions, incentives or benefits.

From a simple ‘thank you’, to an industry award, there’s many aspects to reward and recognition and it needs a whole host of specialist knowledge to be done right.   

We specialise in several areas of reward, including: 

helping a colleague

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Job evaluation

Fair, consistent, and efficient pay grading


Pay modelling

Collaborative pay structure design and projection

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Equal pay

Compliant equal pay audits, reports and feedback

Compensation planning

Empowered salary and bonus planning

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Reward consultancy

Unrivalled experience, insight and guidance

Why partner with Zellis?

Industry leaders

We’re one of the only payroll and HR providers to offer reward consultancy, which underpins our compensation solutions. 

public sector

We’re the only providers of a fully computerised version of the GLPC Job Evaluation scheme. 

Proud NHS provider 

We’re the only providers of a job evaluation system to NHS Wales and Northern Ireland plus a number of English Trusts. 

Flexible solutions 

You don’t need to use our other payroll and HR solutions to benefit from Compensate or our reward consultancy services. 

Compensation Management Software

Transform your reward processes

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