maximise value, performance and system health

Enhance your payroll and HR to deliver a high performing service

Zellis Application Management Service ensures your investment is protected and delivers services which maximise the value, performance, and systems health of your solution. The service empowers you to unlock the leading employee experience innovations for your managers and employees. Can you afford not to have this in place?

Fully utilise the extensive capabilities of your payroll and HR solution by keeping it optimally configured and continuously maintained. We’ll review new releases with you, highlighting how to benefit from the latest features and updates.

Why use our Application Management Service

Our unique mix of domain knowledge and product expertise underpins AMS service options to meet your organisation’s individual needs, optimising system health, and maximising your return on investment. Working together in close partnership, we aim to provide a high-performing solution for your employees and your business.

The powerful, capability-rich technology and solutions are designed to empower your workforce. Prioritising systems maintenance, housekeeping, and upgrades allow for ongoing critical assessment. This enables you to unlock more value for your organisation from this business-critical investment.

Key benefits

The Zellis Application Management Service provides assurance of system health and enables you to maximise the value you can gain over the life of our partnership.

Benefits include:

Cost savings

No need to fund internal resources to deliver

Efficiency savings

Reduce resource required to process payrolls by making the best use of the systems and functionality available

Increased confidence

Feel confident that your application is always on the latest version, robustly tested, and promptly deployed

High performance

Consistent high performance as a result of regular maintenance and cleansing

Take every opportunity to optimise your processes

The combination of features, methodical approach, and a proactive partnership with customers enables Zellis to maintain a healthy, optimised, and high-performing solution for your employees.

Technical currency and roadmap

  • Product and system roadmap reviewed proactively identifying future benefit opportunities
  • Legislative and innovation upgrades planned to incorporate regression testing, ensure smooth transition, and consider use of new product facilities
  • System health maintained, including deployment of patches, data management, and archiving where required

Dynamic configuration and reporting

  • Small change capacity to support the underlying dynamic nature of your business needs
  • Planning and support to an ongoing continuous improvement agenda
  • Creation and maintenance of ad hoc reporting
  • Support for cyclical change activities e.g. year-end, AE re-enrolment, and salary reviews (subject to separate scoping and agreement)

Application maintenance

  • Application change and deployment management
  • Data management according to your retention policies
  • Systems housekeeping to maintain performance
  • Configuration of task scheduling and automation to enhance systems and process efficiency
  • Platform management, risk reduction activities, and systems reporting

Hierarchy maintenance

  • Maintenance of the payroll and HR hierarchies held within the application
  • New post and structure unit creation
  • Post-to-post maintenance

Security management

  • Systems access management and certification
  • Security profile maintenance
  • User maintenance incorporating monthly access control reviews
  • Password reset processing where single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not configured

Incident and alert management

  • Proactive management of technical incidents to drive efficient resolution
  • Problem and defect investigation and management
  • Service communication and management of maintenance windows and infrastructure change

Don’t just take our word for it

Automotive services customer logo
Automotive services customer

"Application Management Services has been a massive asset to my day-to-day activities, supporting, with maintaining and automating our company hierarchy/structure changes. Implementing this service in my first project saved me 15-17 days of manual post creation and hierarchy maintenance."

Customer Automotive Sector
Electrical wholesale customer logo
Electrical wholesale customer

“The Payroll Calculate task has been painful for many years, and during the early part of this year, we were experiencing up to four hours' processing time. Following our system health check (improvement work) we reduced the calculate process to 20 minutes. Now we have set up offline processing on the specific processing tasks, we have reduced the processing time by another 15 minutes. Therefore, five minutes is extraordinary for us. Fantastic result.”

Customer Electrical Wholesale Sector

Ready to maximise your return on investment?

We’re committed to help maximise your return on investment and maintain a healthy, optimised, high-performing solution for your business.