Be prepared with payroll resilience

Enhanced payroll resilience services 

Payroll is mission-critical and, like a finely balanced machine, small disruptions can interrupt the flow. From staff absences to processing bottlenecks, payroll problems can leave your team struggling to keep things running smoothly. 

Zellis payroll resilience services keep your payroll processes robust, efficient, and fit for purpose – even when disaster strikes. 

  • Get the customer support you need from our team, day or night. 
  • Handle staff absences without hiccups. 
  • Access payroll experts who take your payroll as seriously as we do our own. 
  • Make sure your Zellis payroll solution is optimised for your business. 

Our experts already know our award-winning solutions inside and out. We’ll get to know your business too, so we can offer tailored and timely support. Add in our knowledge of legislation and you’ve got the recipe for payroll solutions you can rely on, come what may. 

The support you need, when you need it 

We don’t rest on our laurels. We know your business needs are always evolving, and we firmly believe our customer support needs to do the same. Our flexible suite of support services gives you the backup you need to keep crucial business operations running smoothly. 

Zellis flexible customer support goes beyond a simple, “What seems to be the problem today?” We dive deeper to help you get the most from our industry-leading software. 

  • We analyse support incidents to identify key trends and learning opportunities. 
  • Our constantly updated knowledge base gives you answers at your fingertips. 
  • Access our Zellis Independent User Group (ZiUG) and thought leadership forum to learn and share insights with colleagues and industry leaders. 
  • Our experts offer guidance and troubleshooting to keep your payroll processes operating at their best. 
  • Learn and get value from new features quickly, thanks to training and one-on-one support. 

We know your business has unique needs, goals, and challenges. Our flexible support adapts to best suit your unique use case.  

Payroll assistance keeps you in control 

Payroll teams are frequently over-stretched. Absent or departing team members can cause an avalanche of problems that lead to incorrect payments or compliance breaches. Any loss of in-house knowledge can quickly lead to difficulties. 

Maintain payroll resilience and be ready for whatever comes next with help from our experts. Whether you’re a managed service user or a software subscriber, Zellis gives you access to payroll experts whenever you need them. 

  • Get support in an emergency. Whether it’s down to staff absence, IT problems, or a cyberattack, we can get your payroll working again. Our team is ready to help with emergency processing and reconciliation activities. 
  • Build future resilience with one of our longer-term support arrangements. Lean on our team for support with annual payroll needs such as pay reviews, CARD, P11D, and year-end support. 
  • Our contingency services keep you ahead of challenges. We’ll set you up with a contingency plan that you can activate immediately when needed. 

Our support services include processing health checks that focus on efficiency and compliance, to keep your systems working at their best. We’ll support your in-house payroll team during Zellis HCM Cloud setup, providing as much support as needed to build their confidence while they learn. 

Don’t wait until something happens. Start building your contingency plan with Zellis now. 

Maximise ROI with our application management service

It’s not enough to invest in industry-leading software. You need it to work in the best possible way for your business. That means staying on top of updates, responding to changing business needs, and keeping your solution working optimally. That’s quite a challenge – especially if you don’t have a dedicated systems administrator. 

Solutions that don’t work at their best slow down your business and increase the risk of mistakes, employee frustration, and diminishing ROI. 

Zellis experts are on hand to make sure you get the most from our solutions.  

  • Dynamic configuration and reporting mean your solution is set up to work exactly as you need it to, right from the start. 
  • We help you maintain your system and review all new updates with you. 
  • Incident and alert management helps you spot trends and get the support response you need, fast. 

Combining expertise with flexible solutions, we deliver the high-performing payroll options your business needs. Whether you’re just starting with Zellis, or you’ve been live for some time, we’ll health-check your system and make useful recommendations. 

We have close ties with HMRC and Revenue, and our team stays on top of current legislation and best practices. You can rely on our payroll resilience services to look after your business. 

Protect your payroll processes now 

Let’s talk about how to build your payroll resilience and be ready for the future.