Our ResourceLink technology

Built with a powerful payroll engine at its heart, ResourceLink is your total HR solution.


We have the software and know how to ensure compliance.


Our payroll is highly configurable, giving you the assurance to pay accurately and on time.


Keep informed with a wealth of reports and dashboards.



We've optimised ResourceLink for delivery through SaaS.

We are responsible for the data, security, disaster recovery and server-side management. We provide the on-going application and technical support for the core ResourceLink solution.

Our UK and EU infrastructure is scalable to accommodate fluctuations in demand using advanced virtualisation technology. This ensures high performance and system and data isolation for each customer.

APIs and integration

APIs and integration

We offer both uni and bi-directional integration with other systems

For inbound, ResourceLink supports a spreadsheet import function and batch-oriented HR Interface.

For outbound, ResourceLink Reporting Services creates scheduled reports. These are available in a variety of formats including CSV and XLS. Bespoke interfaces for inbound and outbound interactions are available to match exact requirements. For example, character delimited files and secure transfer mechanism e.g. SFTP. RL Services provide both SOAP and REST-based web services to access and change data. Web services covers any SOAP/XML or REST/JSON structured data using the HTTPS protocol.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

We process over 60 million payslips a year for 5 million employees, so we understand the importance of keeping data secure.

We use leading encryption and authentication techniques to protect your data. Data isolation techniques also ensure your data is not co-mingled with other customers.

Accredited third-parties regularly test our infrastructure and ResourceLink to ensure standards. Annual SOC1 audits confirm the effectiveness of our internal controls, while our ISO27001 certification assures that we meet the internationally recognised standards for data and information security.

We also comply with all Data Protection Act and GDPR requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics tool helps you make important decisions by giving you access to rich management information. These Payroll and HR metrics include Bradford Factor and Gender Pay Gap Reporting. We gather data from around your business, which we then deliver to you in easy-to-understand dashboards. Transparency around data enables you to make better decisions on a wide range of matters, now and in the future.

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What our customers think

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

Our highly trained consultants are ready to talk. Our consultants support customers in their HR management and transformation initiatives.

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

User Group

ResourceLink is a reliable solution and one of the reasons for its success is that it’s not a static solution.

We develop regular updates in collaboration with our customers. There is an active user community that share experiences and suggestions for new development

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