Pay & bonus reviews

Define, model and deliver your compensation and salary planning with ease using our dedicated software.

Increase efficiency

Shorten your pay and bonus review processes.

Improve accuracy

All data is held in one place, so no more spreadsheets.

Gain confidence

Model and analyse different pay scenarios, so you chose the right one.


Introducing Compensate

Compensate is designed to help companies manage the overall pay and bonus review process – from developing and modelling their approach, to communicating the outcome to employees.

  • Shortens the pay review process
  • Enables organisations to manage and monitor their salary and bonus reviews effectively
  • Ability to model and analyse various approaches to pay and bonus
  • Organisation charting provides a visual view of a manager’s team for a better understanding
  • Access to previous years’ salary and bonus reviews with all data held in one place
  • Responsive design accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Ability to apply individual pay policies by Country, Division, Department and more
  • Includes letter creation and upload of new salaries and bonuses to payroll
  • Can be used centrally or developed to managers
  • Fully hosted solution

Rewarding accurately and efficiently

Getting your pay and reward plan right and implementing it correctly is critical to any business. It motivates employees, powers productivity and helps you attract and retain talent. Using Compensate ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout this process.

As many as 88% of Excel spreadsheets contain some type of error – and while using a spreadsheet works for some tasks – pay and bonus reviews need to be right, every time.

Compensate holding all required data in one place and removing the need for spreadsheets, significantly reduces the chance of errors caused by incorrect formulas, typos and outdated versions being used.

Staying compliant and protecting your employer brand

It goes without saying that in most cases, pay and bonus rewards are completely confidential. Ensure this information stays secure by using Compensate to help manage the pay review process.

It’s not uncommon for pay review documents to be shared and accessed on desktops and laptops with minimal control over who ends up with this information. However, this way of working heightens the chance of a security breach, bringing with it reputational damage and a negative impact on the employer brand.

Storing confidential information within Compensate reduces the risk of not meeting crucial security requirements. Meaning you stay compliant and your employer brand remains strong.

Pay Modelling

Pay structure design and restructuring is simplified by use of our Pay Modeller software.

Our consultants will use Pay Modeller to give visual representations of the impact of a new pay structure with detailed reports that assess the cost and employee relations impact.

The approach we take has been recommended by staff representatives and trade unions in many organisation restructuring projects and includes interactive workshops and presentations.

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