Pay & bonus reviews

Define, model and deliver your compensation and salary planning with ease using our dedicated software.

Increase efficiency

Shorten your pay and bonus review processes.

Improve accuracy

All data is held in one place, so no more spreadsheets.

Gain confidence

Model and analyse different pay scenarios, so you chose the right one.

Compensate helps companies to model consistent grading structures and compare pay and bonus scenarios.

  • Shortens the pay review process
  • Improves the management, control and monitoring of the pay review process
  • Holds all data in one place and is accessible via the internet
  • Responsive design that is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Fully hosted or on premise solution
  • Ability to model and analyse different approaches to pay reviews
  • Ability to apply pay policies by Country, Division, Department, Grade or individual
  • Can be used centrally or devolved to managers

Rewarding in all the right ways

Getting your compensation philosophy, performance evaluation and deliver to your people right is critical. It motivates employees, powers productivity and helps you attract and retain talent.

Our experienced team of in-house compensation consultants will guide you with best practice process, work with you to develop a plan to address your specific challenges.

To make this process as simple as possible and even more efficient we’ve also developed our own software for the job – Compensate.

Introducing Compensate

Designed to shorten the pay review process and improve the management, control and monitoring of the pay review process, Compensate holds all your required data in one place, removing the need for spreadsheets and eliminating versioning errors.

Available fully hosted or on-premise Compensate is accessed online, via computer, tablet or mobile devices.

Control it centrally or empower line managers to use it

Want to learn more?

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