We are pleased to launch the next release of our award-winning payroll and HR software, ResourceLink 23a.

Following the recent launch of major updates and new features in ResourceLink 23, this next release is primarily aimed at supporting the latest legislative changes which apply to our customers in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and the Channel Islands.

Let’s take a quick look at what these changes involve.

Republic of Ireland changes for 2019

Modifications to legislation require Irish payroll professionals to provide additional validation and end of year summary statements. In ResourceLink 23a we have added functionality that enables compliance with these requirements, including:

  • An option to produce an Employment Details Summary (EDS) report in various formats. Revenue will be producing its own EDS report, but ResourceLink will provide its own based on submissions sent to Revenue. It may be used for balancing purposes throughout the year and assist with any queries from employees.
  • An ASC60 certificate is available in both ResourceLink and MyView, to view a summary of the total Additional Superannuation Contributions (ASC) an employee has paid in the previous year.
  • A warning has been created to alert users when the number of pay-related social insurance (PRSI) weeks exceeds the maximum number of weeks allowed for the pay frequency. This prevents the incorrect number of insurable weeks being reported.

Guernsey changes for 2020

This next change is applicable to payroll managers operating Guernsey payrolls who require assistance in applying the Benefits in Kind (BIK) tax relief threshold to BIK payments. As per the guidelines in the Guernsey Employers’ Guide to Income Tax, the first £450.00 of certain benefits provided to an employee are exempt

Instead of applying the tax relief manually, ResourceLink now enables automatic application for BIK payments, ensuring the correct calculation of tax and social security contributions, and maintaining compliance with Guernsey legislation. The overall exemption amount is prevented from exceeding £450.00 in a tax year, regardless of the number of types of BIKs the employee receives.

Jersey Tax Code & Pay Elements Update

We have also made some changes to ResourceLink for payroll managers operating Jersey payrolls and employees receiving payslips, including:

  • Removing the UK tax code basis for Jersey employees. As the UK basis is not applicable for Jersey, it shouldn’t be displayed.
  • ResourceLink system pay elements used for Social Security deductions for Jersey employees are now labelled as ‘Social Security’ as per Jersey legislation, instead of ‘National Insurance’.

These changes have been made to reduce queries internally and externally for people who are unfamiliar with Jersey legislation.

MyCSP functionality

In this release we have also introduced new functionality to MyCSP, which is for Civil Service Pension members in the Classic, Classic Plus, Premium or Nuvos schemes, and warns users to cease contributions for members from their 75th birthday.

This is because under HMRC rules, any active members of Classic, Classic Plus, Premium or Nuvos cannot build up further benefits in the scheme after their 75th birthday. Members who have reached the age of 75 can join either an Alpha or Partnership scheme.

In the MyCSP module, a maximum age parameter has been added and several warning messages have been created to stop contributions from being calculated for an employee that is over the age of 75.

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