HR and payroll provider Zellis has published a new report outlining key principles for organisations looking to collect DEI data and become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

Three external DEI experts also share insights and perspectives, drawing on their experience in different sectors and working environments. (Pictured below, left to right): 

  • Siobhan Sweeney, Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Element Materials Technology 
  • Janet Hills MBE, Retired Detective Sergeant, Metropolitan Police Service; Former Chair, Met Black Police Association; Former President, National Black Police Association 
  • Julian Richard, Managing Director, extense diversity consultancy (legal and professional services specialist) 

The report builds on an earlier survey of 2,000 UK and Ireland employees which revealed that over 60% of workers believe ‘employers are talking about DEI more than they are taking action’. 

The issue is increasingly urgent, as 66% of people cite their employer’s DEI approach as having ‘somewhat’ or ‘very important’ impact on their plans to stay in a role. 

John Petter, CEO of Zellis, said:

“The road to improved DEI outcomes begins with data. We firmly believe that understanding the workforce is a fundamental first step to making organisations more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

“Clear and reliable demographic data forms the basis for a whole host of insights into how different groups are faring, for example by investigating measures such as recruitment and attrition. 

“Our DEI Dashboard, part of the Zellis HCM Cloud solution, was built to provide HR and business leaders with this level of detail, helping them to identify areas for action and track progress over time.”

Zellis’ MyView self-service payroll and HR platform features MyDiversity Data. This module allowing employees of UK and Ireland businesses to securely provide information on their characteristics. 

This data then informs the DEI Dashboard, a platform that visualises organisational trends and insights for HR and business leaders. This helps them to identify areas for improvement and track progress. 

This new report shares the key principles Zellis followed when developing, testing, and rolling out the system. This ranges from how to frame questions, to colleague engagement and executive sponsorship. 

We hope that, by supporting our customers with a strong data platform for DEI, we can play a small part in creating more diverse and inclusive workforces in the UK and Ireland.”

John Petter, CEO, Zellis
Discover more in the report: Turn DEI Talk into Action with Data