We are pleased to announce that ResourceLink 23b, the latest release of our award-winning payroll and HR software, is now available for upgrade.

Building on our earlier release of ResourceLink 23, our recent launch of 23b is mainly focused on providing support to our customers in the UK, Isle of Man and Gibraltar – making it clearer and easier to adhere to the latest and upcoming legislative changes. This comes after our previous software release, ResourceLink 23a, which focuses on legislation for the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Here are some of the updates included in our latest release.

**Leave management changes**

ResourceLink 23b brings a couple of changes within leave management, ensuring payrolls continue to be processed in line with government regulations. These changes include:

  • A warning message will alert users if the statutory maximum of 104 weeks for the holiday pay reference period is exceeded. From April 2020 this reference period will be increased from 12 to 52 weeks.
  • A new Parental Bereavement Leave functionality allows the entry of 2 weeks leave and pay (if eligible) for parents who lose a child under the age of 18. This functionality allows users to enter leave and pay information in the same way as other UK parental leave types.

**P11D, RTI, FBI and tax changes**

From April 2020 the government will apply new company vehicle taxation rules following the worldwide harmonised light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) standards. Functionality updates included in ResourceLink 23b ensure the most up-to-date processing of P11D, P11D(b) and P46(car) in line with these new rules.

Applicable to users running UK payrolls, our Real Time Information (RTI) and Filing by Internet (FBI) functionality has been updated to ensure compliance with 2020 changes regarding correct information to be reported for PAYE and National Insurance. This includes reporting previous year adjustments via the Full Payment Submission in place of submitting an Earlier Year Update.

Users can upload and apply new tax codes easier and more efficiently with our tax enhancement functionality updates.

**Pension changes**

Pension administration will be clearer and more coherent than ever with our latest release. Updates include:

  • Creation of a new window in the pension details screen, where a record will be kept of any employee who has opted out of a qualifying pension scheme (QPS). This new feature will make identifying who opted out, when, and if any contributions have been refunded, a whole lot easier.
  • Changes have been made to the NEST pension scheme extract to display when a member has changed from a salary sacrifice group to a non-salary sacrifice group, and vice versa. ResourceLink 23b has also eliminated the need to manually include any additional voluntary contribution (AVCs) in the regular contributions field.

**Gibraltar and Isle of Man update 2020

This next change is applicable to those processing their payrolls under Gibraltar legislation. One of the functionality updates within ResourceLink 23b enables the P7 earnings certificate for tax year end June 2020 to be produced both as a hard-copy and uploaded to MyView for ease of access.

Similarly, for those processing Isle of Man payrolls, the T14 end of year certificate can also be produced both as a hard copy and on MyView. To ensure no contracted out NI categories (letters D, E and L) are used since the new legislation came into effect in April 2019, a new warning has been added to the T14 certificate and electronic file submission that will alert users to any contributions made in this tax year for these categories. This will significantly reduce the chance of errors upon submission.

If these legislative changes apply to you, make sure to schedule your upgrade to RL23b with your Account Manager or ITCAM today.