Zellis Ireland is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year of supplying fully managed payroll services to the domestic market. 

The company started life in the 1980s as Cara Data Processing, offering Ireland’s largest payroll bureau service as well as a range of IT services, including developing software and selling hardware. It moved into payroll managed services in 1992, which were made available under the then famous Carapay brand. 

Following a number of acquisitions over the last 20 years, Cara Data Processing eventually became Zellis Ireland, which is staffed by a dedicated team of qualified payroll specialists delivering services to more than 500 organisations in both the public and private sectors.  

Providing leading payroll services to the Irish market  

Each member of our managed services team is an Irish Payroll Association (IPASS) Certified Payroll Technician, with some even having qualified as IPASS lecturers. They educate other payroll practitioners at both home and abroad in Irish payroll legislation, employment law, and operational best practice. 

Zellis Ireland offers an extensive range of payroll-related services, the most popular of which is our fully managed payroll service. The key focus here is on ensuring the secure, timely, and efficient processing of customer data while complying with constantly changing statutory regulations.  

Additional offerings include implementation services, HR data processing and administration, employee helpdesk and payment services, and one-off special projects. So, whatever your payroll and HR requirements, our experts can provide the right service to support you.  

An exciting development coming this year is the launch of our new modern and intuitive customer portal that provides customers with secure access to real time information about, and insights into, their payroll data using data analytics, all at the touch of a button. 

To find out more about Zellis Ireland and how we can help drive additional value to your organisation, get in touch today.