When we talk of bringing consumer-grade technology to employees, payroll is often wrongly left out of the conversation. 

The disruption to the world of work over the past 18 months, though, has only served to reinforce what we already knew: payroll is the most important transaction between an organisation and its employees.  

At Zellis, we think it’s past time that payroll software was reimagined for the modern, forward-thinking enterprise and for a business environment in which efficiency, risk management and employee experience are key.  

So, what better time than National Payroll Week 2021 to introduce you to a concept we’ve designed to encapsulate all of these elements: Zellis Agile Payroll. 

What is Zellis Agile Payroll? 

Simply put, Zellis Agile Payroll combines advanced automation, real-time analytics, Faster Payments, and Earned Wage Access to reimagine the traditional payroll process. This solution will lead to stronger accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency for customers. 

Why? So that organisations can stay in a “pay ready” state at all times, and deliver employee satisfaction with precise salary payments, each and every time. 

Eliminate manual work with payroll automation 

With Zellis Agile Payroll, key processes are automated throughout the pay cycle, from streamlining data input and validation in the preparation stage, to high-speed calculations and reporting, to instant salary payments to employees.  

With our powerful payroll engine running in the background, continuously providing data insights, customers are required to make fewer time-consuming and costly manual changes compared to a typical payroll process. 

This not only gives organisations greater assurance over the overall quality of their payrolls, but also gives time back to the payroll office to focus on other value-adding work.  

Ensure accuracy and compliance with real-time analytics 

With Zellis Agile Payroll, accuracy is assured from the start, as advanced payroll analytics highlight any errors or anomalies in real-time. As a result, organisations mitigate their risk of damaging compliance breaches, such as minimum wage underpayment, overpayments, and taxation and statutory errors,  

Payroll teams are also proactively alerted to other issues in need of correction, such as: 

  • Alabaster calculations not processed 
  • Expense claims exceptions detected 
  • Student loans not updated 
  • Pensions auto-enrolment exceptions reported 

Notifications automatically appear to remind teams about time-sensitive tasks, such as making a payment to a pensions provider, and enable them to action these tasks immediately in the system. 

As the Zellis Agile Payroll engine performs a multitude of checks against a range of controls, it automates the production of shared data required for the payroll approval process. This information is displayed via intuitive dashboards, empowering management teams to perform deep analyses of payroll trends.  

Pay instantly with Faster Payments 

Zellis Agile Payroll mirrors consumer-grade payment experiences by using Faster Payments, delivered in partnership with Income Group, and supported by Mastercard and Starling Bank.  

The ability to make instant payments at any time confers a number of benefits, most notably offering a significantly faster alternative to BACS and eliminating the need to use CHAPS, which carries additional fees.  

Adding up to three days back to the payroll cycle results in not only an estimated 20-30% time saving for organisations with weekly and high attrition payrolls, such as those in the retail or hospitality industries, but also a reduction in latency that strengthens accuracy. For a payroll of 5,000 employees, Zellis Agile Payroll can save customers £92,600 in overpayments over a 12-month period. 

Find out more about Faster Payments with Zellis

Support employee financial wellbeing 

Customers can also use a connector between Zellis HCM Cloud and Wagestream (available via Zellis Marketplace) to offer employees the option of Earned Wage Access, which empowers them to instantly access a proportion of their earned pay on any day of the month, supporting their financial wellbeing. 

Find out more about our partnership with Wagestream

Learn more about Zellis Agile Payroll 

We strive to support the payroll community in everything we do, ensuring our customers have access to the very best in technology and helping them to achieve stronger business outcomes.  

To learn more about how your organisation can transform its operations with Zellis Agile Payroll, get in touch today