Today we’re delighted to launch the latest release of our market-leading payroll and HR software, ResourceLink.

Better user interface. Better performance. Better features.

We’ve worked hard to deliver all of this in ResourceLink 23. Our goal is to make managing your entire employee lifecycle as efficient and productive as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when you upgrade to ResourceLink 23.

Streamlined user experience

We’ve developed a roadmap for transforming the user experience in our software. ResourceLink 23 is the first step in this roadmap, providing a significant visual overhaul for ResourceLink, for HR and Payroll power users, including enhanced search capabilities.

It also introduces a more consistent look and feel with MyView, the self-service module for managers and employees. MyView has had significant improvements to the design, delivering a coherent and smooth experience in whatever tasks are undertaken, while continuing to support customer co-branding. We’ve also focussed on users on mobile devices – delivering increased responsiveness across the board.

rl before after 1

Before and after
rl before after 2

Before and after

**Organisation Charts in MyView

Previously only available in core ResourceLink, our latest release provides access to the Organisation Charts feature in MyView. This interactive tool allows users to search for employees, view their contact details, and see where they sit within their organisation. We hope this will give managers and employees better visibility into team structure, as well as help them collaborate with the right people.

**Time and Attendance – Ad hoc scheduling

Another new addition is ad hoc Time and Attendance (T&A) scheduling in MyView. Managers can carry out a range of activities, including entering an employee’s scheduled start and end times each day, allocating employees to different departments, viewing their entire team’s weekly schedule, and duplicating a previous week’s schedule for easy use in future.

rl23 scheduling

**Legislation updates

As per all of our software updates, ResourceLink 23 includes new features to help customers remain compliant with relevant legislation and reporting requirements. This includes:

Scottish Teacher Returns: Updates to backpay functionality have been made to include the Scottish Teacher Exception Payment calculation for the following scenarios:

  • New starter
  • Leavers
  • Changes in contract hours
  • Change in post
  • Parental leave
rl23 parental leave

School Workforce Census (England) & School Workforce Annual Census (Wales): SWC and SWAC have been updated. SWC includes the code sets for post type. Further refinements have been made to the data collection for additional payments, so that only additional payments made between the previous year’s census reference date and the current year’s census reference date are reported. SWAC now records the employee’s individual contract hours and FTE hours per week. The additional payment categories have been updated. Any additional payment end dates that fall on or after the census reference date are now included, as well as the end dates that fall before the census reference date.

rl23 swc

Gender identity: To support inclusivity we have amended terminology and added new fields to user records in ResourceLink and MyView, giving employees the option to self-describe their gender identity and sex assigned at birth, as well as choose their preferred pronouns.

rl23 gender

rl23 gender 2

Additional visa items: Employees can now record their visa details directly in My View, including visa type, category and restrictions.

rl23 visa

Please note that although ResourceLink23 is not a mandatory release, those customers that use SWAC and SWC must upgrade to remain compliant.

National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage monitoring

rl23 national living wage

ResourceLink 23 provides new functionality that allows customers to monitor compliance with National Minimum Wage (NMW)/National Living Wage (NLW) rates by running automated reports at individual and various group levels.

The government has demonstrated commitment to strictly enforcing NMW/NLW requirements. Last year, the value of penalties for breaching NMW/NLW requirements increased by a staggering 261%, costing UK employers nearly £30m in arrears and penalties. Companies in typically low-pay industries, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare and social care, are particularly at risk of non-compliance.

Our new module helps customers to mitigate the risk of unintentionally breaching government legislation by notifying the payroll professional of any employees that have fallen below the minimum rates, allowing corrective measures to be taken in advance of finalising the payroll. RRS has also been updated to display a comparative view of how much more it would cost to pay employees the NLW.

rl23 national living wage 2

rl23 national living wage 3

rl23 national living wage 4

NMW/NLW monitoring is not standard for ResourceLink 23 but is available as a chargeable module.

**CEO pay ratio reporting

ResourceLink 23 provides all of the necessary features needed to produce CEO pay ratio reports. This reporting requirement came into force for large UK listed companies with over 250 employees at the start of this year, with the first statutory disclosures expected in January 2020. In short, these companies will be legally required to report on CEO pay and how it compares to other employees within the organisation.

Our new module helps to automate the calculation of the required renumeration ratios and configures the reports with accuracy, in the correct format. This will help required employers (as well as those that simply wish to report for reasons of transparency) to streamline the process and avoid the potentially costly inaccuracies that are more likely to occur when taking a more manual approach.

rl23 ceo reporting

rl23 ceo reporting 2

rl23 ceo reporting 3

CEO pay ratio reporting functionality is not standard for ResourceLink 23 but is available as a chargeable module.

**Improved Benefex integration

We are excited to launch an enhancement to ResourceLink’s integration with Benefex, our benefits and rewards software. MyView users can see a consolidated view of the breakdown between their pay and benefits within the MyPay Pro module and understand what effect changes in either has on their take home pay. This makes it much easier for employees to understand not just their pay, but the total value of the benefits and rewards package offered by their organisation.

This enhancement also provides users with clearer warnings when their window for claiming particular benefit is about to open or close.

**Greater stability and performance

The ResourceLink 23 hardware stack has been optimised for better capacity planning, ensuring that all users receive an optimal experience. Hardened data centre configurations help to provide resilience and stability to the infrastructure, with clearer processes and better controls in place.

**What to do next

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