International Women’s Day 2024 (8th March) lays down a challenge to accelerate gender equality by investing in women’s economic empowerment and professional development. It also comes during Women’s History Month, which highlights the contributions of women throughout time.

The world of work is still an area in which women’s rights and opportunities lag behind those of men.

  • The global average gender pay gap is 20%, meaning that women earn a fifth less than men, on average.
  • Women’s participation in the labour market stands at 61% (or 53% for those with children); compared with 91%+ for men.
  • Women shoulder more unpaid care than men. The value of this is estimated at up to 40% of GDP, depending on the country.

Find these and more eye-opening facts here: Economic empowerment | UN Women

In a world facing multiple crises that are putting immense pressure on communities, achieving gender equality is more vital than ever. Ensuring women’s and girls’ rights across all aspects of life is the only way to secure prosperous and just economies, and a healthy planet for future generations.”  

UN Women, United Nations

Spotlighting Zellis professionals on International Women’s Day 2024

At Zellis, we’re marking International Women’s Day 2024 by shining a spotlight on some of the women who make an incredible impact within our organisation. They’re raising professional standards, sharing their expertise, and creating a positive impact.

Although we could only include a few in this article, we’re taking this opportunity to thank all the women who help make Zellis a successful and positive organisation to work in.

Leading payroll operations

Abigail Vaughan, Chief Operating Officer

abigail vaughan zellis

Abigail heads up Zellis’ Managed Services and Customer Solutions divisions, focusing on delivering industry-leading payroll, HR, implementation and consultancy services to our customers. She joined Zellis from BT and Accenture, where she held numerous leadership roles in Transformation and Operations. She was recently heralded Business Leader of the Year at The Rewards Leadership Awards (pictured, above).

Read Abigail’s recent article on payroll errors (The HR Director)

Elevating our colleague experience

Caroline Drake, Chief People Officer

International Women's Day 2024 Caroline Drake

Caroline works to ensure that every member of Zellis receives an exceptional colleague experience, and that our core values are promoted in everything we do. She joined Zellis from Worldpay, where she was Group Development and HR Director. Her insights make her an invaluable member of the executive team.

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Delivering expert consulting to our customers

Rebecca Mullins, Director of HCM Solutions

Rebecca Mullins, Zellis

Rebecca leads the Zellis strategic services offerings, encompassing Management Consulting, Reward Consulting, Payroll Advisory, and Customer Learning. She has a wide breadth of experience in supporting companies to realise the benefits of their investments and transform their operations through consulting, advisory, and learning. Rebecca has been recognised by the industry; both in the Payroll World Top 50 and Reward Strategy’s Reward 300 (Payroll Leadership section).

Read Rebecca’s comment on employee training and retention (The Engineer)

Telling our story to the industry

Melanie Hill, Chief Marketing Officer

DEI goals Melanie Hill, CMO, Zellis

Melanie heads up the Zellis marketing department, which includes Brand & Communications, Demand Generation, Marketing Operations, Product Marketing, Events, and Business Development. She is passionate about people and technology, championing both to communicate the Zellis story, connect with our customers, and help grow the company.

Watch Mel’s video interview

Navigating legislative complexity

Cybill Watkins, Product Legislation Manager

Cybill is Product Legislation Manager across Zellis Group, and an experienced payroll expert with a self-confessed ‘obsession for payroll laws and regulations’. She is also an advocate of neurodiversity, encouraging businesses to adapt and make payroll and HR more accessible careers for everyone.

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Helping us to live our values

Lilith Manion, ESG Coordinator

Lily plays a key role in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team, helping Zellis to make a positive impact as we pursue our organisational goals in the areas of Wellbeing for All, Diversity of Thought and Experiences, and Strong Communities.

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Discover how we’re making a difference

Gender equality is an essential part of our ESG strategy at Zellis Group. It’s our responsibility to make a positive difference to our colleagues, customers, and the communities we operate in. Take a moment to explore all of our ESG activities and goals.