Zellis launched its new, cloud-based human capital management solution, Zellis HCM Cloud, to great fanfare in a live, virtual event on 18th March, attended by almost 700 people.

The event showcased how Zellis HCM Cloud addresses the payroll and HR challenges faced by teams across the UK and Ireland, many of which have only been amplified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They include, among other things, how to offer ‘consumer-grade’ employee experiences, keep on top of complex and seemingly endless regulatory changes, and ensure people data is kept clean, accurate and up-to-date.

But a single, unified solution to tackle all of these problems and provide a modern digital experience at the same time has not been available – until now. Zellis HCM Cloud has arrived as a means of ensuring your people at all levels of the organisation are engaged, empowered and efficient.

This blog provides a quick summary of the event, but a full video recording will soon be made available.

Zellis HCM Cloud in brief

Firstly, Zellis HCM Cloud provides employees with mobile, intuitive software they actually want to engage with and use ‘in the flow of work’, wherever they happen to be.

Secondly, it empowers payroll and HR teams to access the data-driven insights required to understand workforce trends and make evidence-based decisions that benefit both individuals and the wider business.

Lastly, it enables organisations to harness operational data in order to boost efficiency by streamlining processes, reduce error rates, and save time and money.

As Tom Canning, Zellis’ Chief Commercial Officer, said when opening the session: “Zellis HCM Cloud addresses industry challenges to provide real, tangible value to customers. It’s beautiful software that people want to use and is all about enabling you to be more engaged, empowered and efficient.”

These three key themes cover everything that professionals in today’s complex payroll and HR environments require to succeed, he added. “They’re all very connected, and you can’t have one without the other two,” Canning explained.

1. Engaged

Zellis HCM Cloud, which is cloud-based and provides access to a range of integrated solutions in the areas of payroll, HR, benefits and recognition, is a modern system that has been reimagined for the digital age.

Core to its ability to offer an engaging employee experience is the Zellis Design System, which provides a consistent look-and-feel, based on the MyView self-service applications, for all Zellis software available from our new Marketplace.

Single sign-on functionality makes it possible to move seamlessly between applications, while native support for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets means users can expect instant and secure access, as well as the same quality experience whichever device they employ.

In other words, employees are able to interact with all the tools they need in the flow of work, not only making the experience easier and more pleasurable, but also boosting productivity at the same time. Managers, for example, can approve expenses forms from within the original request email, while employees can clock in and out via a dashboard displayed in their Microsoft Office 365 applications.

2. Empowered

Every time employees undertake, or are on the receiving end of, a digital interaction, they leave a data footprint behind. These data footprints can be used to create a holistic view of each individual in order to optimise their employee experience and, when aggregated with data from other staff members, that of the wider workforce too.

Rather than have to rely on an army of data scientists though, implementing the Zellis HCM Cloud means you can take advantage of the Zellis Intelligence Platform at its core in order to achieve these goals.

The Zellis Intelligence Platform is optimised to take data from multiple sources across the organisation, create a simple and easy-to-understand view of that data and analyse it using best-in-class analytics tools, including the HR Director and Attrition Dashboards. These insights enable quicker and more effective decision-making based on accurate data.

3. Efficient

An important focus of Zellis HCM Cloud is on boosting operational efficiency by providing payroll and HR teams with automated tools and enhanced data insights. At the heart of this approach is the notion of agile payroll. The aim here is to prevent practitioners from having to scrabble around at the end of each month to ensure all the right information is in place for the payroll run to occur and that they are always in a ‘pay-ready’ position.

With Zellis HCM Cloud, an agile payroll engine is continually running in the background. It aggregates and analyses data and displays insights about any anomalies on a dashboard, thereby enabling payroll professionals to take action by raising queries with managers immediately.

Not only does this approach save practitioners from having to scroll through lots of information, but it is also a proactive way of managing risk and ensuring the audit team can stay on top of things. It likewise prevents employees from being paid incorrectly due to data errors, resulting in cost savings, better cash flow management, time savings of up to 20%, and significant reductions in employee dissatisfaction in the process.

For Managed Services customers, meanwhile, the Zellis Portal replaces email updates and reports, saving time, offering them more transparency and driving higher levels of accountability. It also enables them to securely upload and share payroll data to speed up processing times.

Agile Payroll dashboard

Customer satisfaction

One customer that is already reaping the benefits of Zellis HCM Cloud is Monmouthshire County Council in Wales. It migrated from an on-premise system in January as part of its wider cloud-first strategy, with the aim of improving the experience for both employees and customers.

Deputy chief executive Peter Davies explained: “We want our people to have as good a user experience as they would if shopping online with Amazon. So it’s about providing a seamless experience and having information at your disposal in a couple of clicks.”

Zellis HCM Cloud does this by taking things to a new level both now and into the future. As John Petter, Zellis’ chief executive, concluded: “Turning data into insight, automating processes, the resilience of the cloud and an ecosystem of applications to create exceptional colleague experiences all show that this is not a one-hit wonder nor a one-time reset. We’re a long-term business and this is a long-term strategy with a consistent roadmap.”

Learn more about Zellis HCM Cloud now, or get in touch for an initial consultation with one of our experts.