Black History Month is celebrated every year across the whole month of October, with an aim to recognise achievements of people of African or Caribbean heritage and recognise their contribution over centuries of history in Britain. 

It is also an opportunity to address and challenge the persistent stereotypes and lack of awareness about the lived experience of black people today. 

Black History Month 2021  

This year, Black History Month UK launched it’s 2021 campaign: ‘Proud To Be’. Partly inspired by the global Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, it has a new focus on black British resistance to racism and invites black people from across the UK, and of all ages, to share what they are proud to be. The 2021 theme enables people to celebrate their heritage and culture in their own way, and in their own words. 

Celebrating through conversation 

To mark the occasion and recognise the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our everyday lives, Zellis’ very own Melanie Hill, CMO, and Marva Christian, HR Business Partner, held an earnest and though-provoking conversation around what Black History Month means to them – and shared some of their personal experiences and outlook on some of the work Zellis is doing and will be shortly unveiling at Zellis Connect 2021. You can watch the video below: 

At Sustainable Connections: Zellis Connect 2021, we’ll be unveiling our new DE&I research in collaboration with the Economist, along with sharing heaps of other insightful content to help you build more sustainable connections with your employees. To register for free, click here.