This Black History Month at Zellis, we’re highlighting the careers and contributions of our colleagues with African or Caribbean heritage. In a series of insightful conversations, we explore their work, learn fascinating family stories, discuss how the world has changed, and hear their hopes for the future.

Today, we round off the month with an in-depth chat between two members of the marketing team: Melanie Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ahmed Usman, Content & Communications Manager.

They discuss their experiences of the professional world, share eye-opening anecdotes, and touch on important issues, from unconscious bias to how organisations can achieve truly positive results on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Melanie Hill, Chief Marketing Officer

My mum taught me to be confident and self-assured in who I am. You’ve got to be fairly strong to be able to brush off these kinds of experiences. But after George Floyd I recognised it’s important to talk about them. There was a lot of openness that had to happen. I think it’s important to keep having these conversations to broaden perspectives and challenge thinking.”

Melanie Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, Zellis

Ahmed Usman, Content & Communications Manager

The general population is a lot more aware now and for the most part has good intentions. But how do you reprogramme automatic assumptions and biases? Representation is really important. Talking to colleagues across the company, seeing the range of roles that are available, and the range of people succeeding in those roles has been really positive.”

Ahmed Usman, Content & Communications Manager, Zellis

Watch the interview with Melanie and Ahmed

Topics covered include…

What they do at Zellis

Hear what their day-to-day jobs involve, how they got into the marketing industry, and some detailed advice for those looking to succeed in similar roles.

Their family histories

They talk about their roots in Trinidad & Tobago and Nigeria, and how their parents dealt with the challenges of starting new lives and building careers in the United Kingdom.

Progress and change they have seen

How society and the world of work have changed for the better over recent years and decades, including the sea change triggered by the events of 2020.

What ongoing issues we still need to tackle

Which are the really stubborn problems that now need renewed focus and attention?

Watch the video to find out

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