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Pensions software

Whatever the pension type, manage it confidently with Zellis. Thanks to our experience and expertise, regulatory compliance is assured.

If your business lacks the pensions software to administer a variety of schemes efficiently, you may struggle to meet crucial requirements. And staying ahead of pension legislation is already tough at the best of times. 

You also risk seriously inconveniencing and demotivating your employees if you can’t adequately communicate deduction start dates, refunds, and opt-in or opt-out confirmations. 

Our pension-processing functionality is a key part of our award-winning payroll software. Explore the benefits of automated pension calculations and outputs, and discover the additional functionalities of the Pensions Administration module.

Handle multiple pension schemes 

Our pensions software holds schemes of all types, across all major industries, with no need for interfaces, so you can operate a combination of monetary and percentage processes.

Pension types include:

  • Auto-enrolment
  • Additional voluntary contributions
  • Workplace pensions
  • Salary sacrifice

Being fully integrated within our payroll and HR solutions, information is automatically transferred from our pensions software to guarantee accurate calculations and payments, all while providing a consistent look and feel for screens, menus, and tasks across your real-time database.

Comply with contractual and pension regulations  

We help leaders in large organisations to stay efficient and compliant. Automatic alerts notify you of any pay compliance issues, such as National Living Wage breaches. You can also boost compliance by ensuring annual pension increases are implemented across your organisation.

Plus, you can quickly and easily provide all auto-enrolment criteria letters to employees and take them through the re-enrolment process. Automate contribution details and payment files to your third-party pensions providers to save time and provide assurance.

Dedicated pension administration module  

Pension administrators who hold more responsibility for their scheme members, or require a greater level of visibility than that typically offered by a third-party, can use our dedicated pension administration module, which is available standalone or as part of our payroll and HR software.

This module provides membership statistics, including enrolment, opt-in and opt-out dates, and deduction percentage or amount. Utilise both pension benefit estimates, as well as benefit and total reward statements, for clear, up to date information and figures.

We always have our eye on the future, so you can rest assured your solution will respond to new requirements and developments as they emerge.

Transform your pension processes with our dedicated software

Seamless processing, a vast array of schemes, and advanced calculations for precise payments. Why not get started today?