Zellis in the news: September/October 2019

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Nov 1st 2019

Zellis in the news September/October 2019

Autumn has no doubt been a particularly busy and eventful period foe UK businesses as they keep one eye on the unfolding political drama and the other on preparing for the year ahead.

We’ve been busy conducting research, planning events, launching new product updates and everything in between – and at the same time we’ve also been talking to the media about it!

Here’s a quick breakdown of Zellis in the news for September and October 2019. ”

The impact of a poor payroll experience

We know that our customers maintain the very highest standards of payroll accuracy and reliability, but we wanted to find out whether this experience is typical across the nation.

Back in August, we surveyed 2,000 UK employees across major industries such as retail, financial services and manufacturing, finding that actually, it isn’t. In fact, 60% of employees have spotted mistakes on their payslip and 39% have been paid late on at least one occasion. As a result, they are face higher levels of financial stress and disengagement, and are even more likely to switch jobs. All of this is bad news for businesses.

We launched the research during National Payroll Week (2-6 September) and it was featured on payroll and HR websites such as HR Grapevine, HR Review and Reward Strategy, as well as by Yahoo Finance UK and the website of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

To take a deep dive into the implications of the research, you can check out our blog series below:

What is the impact of a poor payroll experience on a business?

What is the impact of a poor payroll experience on employees?

Do employees understand their payslips?

ResourceLink 23

In September we were thrilled to launch the latest version of our award-winning payroll and HR software, ResourceLink. Amongst a number of other important functionality and UX enhancements, ResourceLink 23 introduced two new features to aid customers in their compliance with complex legislation.

One of these features is a tool which helps customers monitor their national minimum wage payments, automatically notifying them if any employees have fallen below the required pay rate and allowing them to take corrective action before the payroll is finalised.

There are lots of common pitfalls which can cause organisations to accidentally breach national minimum wage rules. To help lend some clarity, Jaspal Randhawa-Wayte, our Director of Product Management, Payroll Solutions, wrote an article for DiversityQ analysing the major risk factors and providing advice on compliance.

Another major addition to ResourceLink is a CEO pay ratio reporting tool. As of the start of next year, large UK-listed companies will be required to publish this type of report alongside the already established gender pay gap report. The tool in ResourceLink streamlines the calculations required for the report and automatically presents them in the required format.

Enterprise Times ran an in-depth feature on ResourceLink 23, including this comment from Marko Perisic, our CTO:

“One of the key value propositions of ResourceLink has always been that it keeps our customers legislatively compliant in an ever-changing world of payroll requirements. We’re always ready for what’s next, whether that’s exciting new legislation, new technology, or new patterns of working. We’re excited to deliver this latest set of ResourceLink enhancements to our customers and to help them create even better employment experiences."

Payroll and HR: from back office to boardroom

We’re on a mission to make sure payroll, and the core HR records that feed it, has an authoritative voice in the boardroom, rather than being relegated to the ‘back office’ as is the case in so many organisations.

We believe that payroll is one of, if not the most fundamental transaction between an organisation and its employees. If it isn’t ascribed the right level of strategic consideration and investment, employers will face real challenges – and miss out on significant opportunities to reduce risk, improve the employee experience, and gain valuable business insights.

John Petter, our CEO, has been talking a lot about this topic in recent weeks, including speaking at the Working Futures Winter 2019 conference and penning articles for both HR Zone and Minutehack.

For more on this topic, check out our report produced in partnership with the CIPD: ‘The true value of payroll and total rewards’.

Payroll myths

Last but not least, we’ve been doing some good old-fashioned myth-busting!

It turns out there are lot of pervasive myths around payroll and they can stop organisations from realising the true value and importance of their payroll operations. Thankfully, our expert Japsal was quick to dispel these illusions in articles for HR Review and Employer News.

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