Payroll Implementation Support Package

Developed by Zellis

User and parallel testing support



A Payroll Implementation Support Package to support both the overall project and the in-house payroll team. The package has been designed to cover all aspects of the payroll production element of the project.



Support for in-house teams

Implementing a new payroll system will increase the demands on an already busy payroll team. We can provide people-skilled implementers to undertake planning and testing, supporting your in-house team and giving them time to continue delivering the live payroll.

Project success

Utilising our payroll professionals, skilled in both payroll production and the implementation of ResourceLink, will help secure the success of the project in both outcomes and timelines.

Live production support

As the payroll cuts over to live production, we will provide advice and guidance on the initial payroll runs.

Payroll Implementation Support Package

Skilled support for a successful project outcome.


Payroll Implementation Support Package

Skilled support for a successful project outcome

Planning - Planning support for the creation of detailed user acceptance testing and parallel run plan. Consideration of existing processing timetables, pay dates, data requirements, and timing.
User acceptance testing (UAT) scripts and execution - Creation of scripts to ensure full and complete coverage, prioritisation of tests, and logging, execution, and fault resolution. Plus, reporting on pass or failure rate, status, and challenges.
User acceptance testing (UAT) and parallel running execution - Support for the in-house team involved in UAT or parallel running activities, guidance on testing protocols to ensure success, and direction on system usage and ways of working.
Parallel running: data load and input - Hands-on support with data loading and input.
Parallel running: advice and guidance on processing - Support with system usage, optimised ways of processing and sequencing, and watch-outs on known challenges such as RTI data or historic data impacting cash values or rounding. Plus, support with report outputs, BACs testing, and pay document processing.
Parallel running: reconciliation of parallel runs - Utilisation of the Zellis reconciler tools to speed up results and identify differences. This includes the make up of gross and net, including employers reruns, to achieve the desired results. PRT trouble shooting support to resolve parallel run fails, plus, guidance on the best approach to manage impacting results.
Parallel running: reporting of status and results - Regular updates on parallel run accuracy achievement, highlighting of known and new issues requiring resolution, and recommendations for resolutions and next steps.
Production of documentation - Production of processing timetables, checklists, process flows, and detailed work instructions.
Post-implementation support - Support during the first and subsequent pay runs to help with queries, bed-in new ways of working, and provide general advice and guidance.

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