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OneHub | Benefits is the online employee benefits platform that brings together a host of tailored and off-the-shelf benefits, delivered through award-winning technology and capable of serving any number of employees, wherever they are in the world.



A single platform for benefits and reward

One home for benefits, reward, recognition, and communications.

Inspiration UX

We are the tech leaders’ choice for employee experience technology. Strategic SaaS – for organisations who need more eloquence than they’ll get from a discounts app, and more elegance than they’ll get from an old-school consultant’s technology.

Insight and analytics

OneHub | Benefits is the heart of your employee offering, giving you access to real-time people analytics dashboards and insight. We show you the impact of your benefits and recognition programmes in real time.

Brand reputation and quality

All products have been assessed for their overall strength and marketability with value added features and differentiators. We only work with the best, most reliable brands out there to bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to Marketplace.


Run all your global benefits from one place no matter how complex or diverse. Whether your employees are in benefits-rich areas or countries with fewer flex options, OneHub | Benefits can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Baked-in advice

Meanwhile Benefex’s expert brokers, consultants and communications experts are available to support you in delivering a truly exceptional employee experience. Our employee benefits platform is built to fit your people.

OneHub | Benefits

OneHub | Benefits from Benefex is built to fit your people with a host of tailored and off-the-shelf benefits, served through award-winning technology.


OneHub | Benefits from Benefex is built to fit your people with a host of tailored and off-the-shelf benefits, served through award-winning technology.

The employee experience

Your benefits home page: OneHub homepage gives you access to various site content.
Shop around for benefits: Shop for benefits and filter by what’s available.
Your benefits basket: Your basket shows all your benefits, just submit!
Your live benefits: Look at your existing benefits.
Your benefit summary: See the impact on your entire take-home pay.

The administration hub

Employee search: Search for an individual or group of employees to perform actions on their account.
Query builder: Build a search for employees in a location, within a specific benefit – whatever you need!
Benefits performance: Look at your most popular benefits.
Engagement activity: See real-time engagement with your platform.

The real-time analytics

OneHub People Analytics works to empower HR & Benefit leaders in the boardroom. How? By providing the instant insight you need to make better strategic business decisions. Whether your strategy is to deliver cost savings, increase return on investment, or drive engagement, with predictive insight, you can make quick and effective decisions. Plus, you can keep engagement up all year-round with insights you can act on now, and you can plan for your next initiative with informed, reliable data.

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