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Fast, accurate expenses management solution



Submit, review, and pay expenses in no time. Ensure your teams record and submit accurate claims, review, accept, or reject them within two-clicks, and feel confident in making correct payments.



Accurate expense payments

Feel confident that your employees are receiving accurate and on-time expense payments every time. This consistency boosts employee engagement and productivity, while keeping costly errors down.

Increase productivity

A user-friendly, automated expense system removes the need for long-winded, manual processes – meaning less time spent submitting claims, and more time focussing on the job at hand.

Drive cost improvements

Both automation and the integration with Google Maps increases claim accuracy and reduces cost spent on false or exaggerated claims. Plus, integration with payroll ensures claim amounts are transferred across for payment accurately and in real-time.

Boost visibility and control

Managers can access full claim information, including a visual view of the route taken through Google Maps, to gain a complete understanding before authorising or rejecting.

Bolster knowledge of company expense policies

Adapt the Expenses module to align with your expense policies - ensuring all employees are clear on the guidelines, and only eligible claims are submitted for authorisation.

Key features of Expenses

Expenses provides all the functionality you need to streamline and simplify the entire expense management process.


Expenses provides all the functionality you need to streamline and simplify the entire expense management process.

Key features of Expenses

Google Maps integration - Seamless integration with Google Maps means car mileage is recorded and stored automatically and accurately, in real-time. A ‘drag and drop’ function enables users to find various routes if required.
Capture receipt images - Snap images of expense receipts on a phone or tablet and upload for submission within a few seconds.
Fully customisable - Expenses can be customised to suit your business needs. Set up multiple currencies, claim groups and types, office locations, and display your company expense policies.
Edit claim submissions and add notes - Authorisers can amend all claim submissions if necessary, and have the option to add comments in the Authorisation/Rejection Notes box.
Digital storage - All previously processed expense claims are stored digitally for reference and audit purposes.

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