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ResourceLink offers the most advanced, integrated and insightful Payroll and HR software tools in the UK and Ireland.

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Managed services

We understand how sensitive background checks are for both candidates and you at this critical time in the recruitment process.

Our services are designed to help you efficiently and effectively manage this stage of the process. With communications in your branding, online consent and dedicated contact details, we'll make sure the candidate experience matches the rest of your experience and standards.

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Project management

Solution architecture & system reviews


SaaS - Advice and guidance; managed implementations, managed services transitions


SaaS - Advice and guidance; managed implementations, managed services transitions


ResourceLink Assistant

A virtual tool that gives users a space to ask questions about ResourceLink via Google Assistant. By embedding artificial intelligence capabilities, ResourceLink will learn to understand users’ recurring patterns and make smart recommendations that are appropriate to them.

Multi-Stream Processing

Multi-Stream Processing

Responsive Design

ResourceLink uses responsive design technology to adapt to different screen sizes, making it available on various devices and giving users an intuitive and optimal experience.

Cloud tools

The cloud gives IT leaders the opportunity to make a difference in the future of the company. By moving applications to the cloud, IT leaders can work more closely with colleagues to reduce costs, innovate and drive new business.


Our reliable support services are here to make sure you're satisfied. We help with managing structural changes, relaunching knowledge bases, escalation processes, quality and product testing and more. In addition, we also provide a Support Help Desk and Live Chat facilities.

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Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

Our highly trained consultants are ready to talk. Our consultants support customers in their HR management and transformation initiatives.

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

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If you’d like to discover more about ResourceLink or how our people can help you transform your payroll and HR operations, we’d love to talk.

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