People Management Software


People management software

Disparately stored employee information can lead to duplications and errors, resulting in incorrect payments, dissatisfied people, and stressed HR teams. Oversights regarding crucial employment regulations invariably cause compliance breaches. Without a clear overview of their organisation’s structure, business leaders struggle to manage their teams effectively.

But our comprehensive HR solution surmounts every one of these obstacles with powerful people management software. Book expenses, log absences, and manage attendance with ease – all with a transparent, single view of employee information, skills and qualifications, entitlement, and organisational structure.

Why use our people management software? 

Integrated Payroll and HR Software

Build a single source of truth for your payroll and HR processes 

Integrate your payroll and HR data to create a single source of truth that helps you improve accuracy, minimise payment errors, and increase employee satisfaction and motivation.

Automated Payroll Software

Automate processes to save your teams valuable time 

Automated, accurate processes relieve busy teams of manual, time-consuming tasks. This enables them to focus on more strategic tasks to support core business objectives. 

Reduce risk with compliance-focused features

Boost compliance by ensuring employees meet a variety of HR regulations. Our compliance-focused features cover multiple regulations, including National Minimum Wage and pension auto-enrolment.

HR Management Software

Improve control and visibility for HR

Digital organisation charting enhances visibility for HR teams by providing a high-level understanding of business structure, while MyForms allows them to quickly capture data for key people processes.

Leave Management Software

Streamline leave management and expense approvals

Our absence management software empowers employees and managers to request holidays and absences, both in advance and at short notice.

Automatic recalculation of leave entitlements ensures accurate, updated information is generated. Make automatic adjustments to pay, including any statutory payments such as Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), and access real-time absence reports.

Our dedicated expense management functionality lets you to submit, review, and pay expenses with ease:

  • Capture and store images of receipts in no time, using a mobile or tablet.
  • Approve or reject claims within two clicks.
  • Set rules or limits in line with company policies.
  • Use our integration with Google Maps for consistent logging and precise mileage.
Time and Attendance Software

Manage attendance and team structure

Fill in one simple form within our time and attendance software for a team or group, automatically update attendance details to payroll to improve accuracy, and access real-time reports.

Plus, create interactive graphs and organisational charts to represent business structure and performance. Pan and zoom for a clear view, interact with different roles, and filter and highlight specific details.

Improve compliance and record keeping

Our people management software lets you check employee status against regulations such as work permits, visas, and working time legislation.

Utilise the National Living Wage, National Minimum Wage, and pension auto-enrolment functionalities, and feel confident that employees receive the correct pay, holiday entitlement and parental leave.

Upload and store documents to an employee’s or applicant’s record. The documents are accessible not only to payroll and HR users, but also within self-service to the individual themselves, helping to improve visibility for employees.

Transform your HR with a single source of truth

Hold employee information in a unified, powerful platform, and apply it to every HR administrative task. Save time, improve accuracy, and boost productivity across your entire workforce.