Keep pace with change and enhance your success

HR, payroll, and WFM enhancement consulting 

The world of HR, payroll, and workforce management (WFM) is constantly changing. Developments in regulation, technology, business environment, and culture can all result in shifting requirements. Zellis enhancement consulting is designed to keep you on the front foot. 


How Zellis can help

Working in partnership with your teams, we can create and implement plans to handle a range of change areas effectively:

New legislation

Understand and implement necessary data, process, and technology changes. 

New functinoality

Exploit new capabilities in both Zellis and integrated third-party technologies and data flows. 

Internal business change

Deal with the impact of changes such as mergers and acquisitions on HR, payroll, and WFM. 

Functionality not utilised

Identify existing Zellis capabilities you could be using to improve operations and release benefits. 

What are the advantages of HR, payroll, and WFM enhancement consulting?

Here are just a few examples of benefits our expert consultants have delivered for real customers. 

Increased efficiency and accuracy

We automate processes, increasing efficiency and removing human error. 

Cost savings

We reduce non-compliance fines by replacing error-prone manual calculation with system functionality. 

Increased employee satisfaction 

For HR, payroll, and WFM teams, by cutting the burden of transactional admin work; and for the whole workforce thanks to more accurate pay and data. 

Smooth transitions

We manage plan, process, and data exchange for TUPE’d employees in a timely manner, avoiding eleventh-hour data processing. 

Get the most out of your technology

Be sure your systems are working as hard as possible for you, with guidance from our knowledgeable Zellis consultants.