Keep your employee, and your reputation, safe

Social media screening

You want to hire people who fit your company culture, and don’t have any damaging views or affiliations.

Carrying out wrong or incomplete checks has consequences. You run the risk of creating an unsafe environment for your team and receiving a fine. You want and need to get it right first time. But social media checking can be time consuming and stressful.

It’s stressful for candidates to know their social media activity is a factor. No one wants to feel like their potential employer is invading their privacy. Rest assured that the checks are free from unconscious bias or detail.

Reliable social media checking:

  • Helps screen out extreme views
  • Decreases time to hire
  • Makes sure candidates are who they say they are

If you’re not sure how to conduct social media checks properly, or even why social media checking is so important, we’ve got you covered.

How a social media check keeps your employees and reputation safe

Social media screening examines a candidate’s social media accounts for evidence of adverse behaviour:

  • Extreme views or opinions
  • Hate and discriminatory behaviour
  • Illegal activities
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Violence
  • Affiliations with groups that promote any of the above

Pinpoint potential risk from the outset

Social media checks protect your company from making bad – and potentially dangerous – hiring decisions.

A candidate with extreme views can negatively impact their colleagues and create unsafe working conditions. Adverse behaviour can affect a candidate’s ability to carry out their work. And it can cause lasting damage to an organisation’s reputation.

Leave it to the experts

Here’s how your company benefits from our expert social media screening.


Reduce the risk of human bias

Social media checks can expose protected characteristics such as race, religion, disability and marital status. Intentionally or unintentionally letting these influence hiring decisions can lead to an employment tribunal. We only hand over the information you need to know for hiring. This reduces the risk of human bias and discrimination.


Ensure accuracy and relevance

Most social platforms are designed for personal rather than professional use. That means much of the available information isn’t relevant to the workplace. Our automated technology sweeps social accounts and flags only relevant information.

people checking

Make confident hiring decisions

Our expert social media checking service pulls up relevant red flags or risk factors for each candidate. You can use this data to make the best hiring decisions for your organisation. Because we provide the data, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to sift through social accounts. And you’ll feel confident that you’ve done all you can to keep your employees, and your reputation, safe.

Are you conducting the checks you need to make the right hiring decisions?

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